256GB of extra space on BuyVM is only an extra $1.25 a month

It was $1.21 for the first month, because it isn’t the 1st anymore.

Nice, I can attach it to my Slice already.

Well, it works, but I’m waiting for a domain to start working. For my pictures.

It’ll be a while before any pictures start uploading. It’s scanning the folder.

Started uploading finally.

Haha, it crashed. The server itself crashed, can’t even load the gallery anymore, yet other sites work. Might be the force HTTPS plugin, I enabled something, that might of killed it. And it works, had to close the tab in Firefox, and try again. It worked in Chrome, that’s how I know Firefox was having issues. I did restart the web server too.

Python is stupid, had to reboot computer to get rid of the host name error. If the server crashes, apparently Python can’t recover without rebooting. Script might be broken.

Found the bug, there was a space in the parent album name. Good thing I never released it.

You have to cook to avoid processed food?

No, you need a farm to avoid processed food. Then you dump the rice and vegetables in a rice cooker, which does the cooking for you. Anyone that can read can operate one.

Why would I want to pay for my own assistant?

They call it care giving. The state doesn’t mind paying. But with the new leaders, all of that could end, no more social security, no more insurance. No more food.

Sweet, I won’t have to take medicine anymore, or go to the doctor, I won’t have either. I’ll be homeless too. They’ll get rid of housing, who pays most of my rent. Lots of people will be homeless. That’s Making America Great Again.

And if I was rich, I’d leave this shithole country. With enough money, you can get citizenship in another country. Since I don’t like planes, Canada is the only country I’d go to. If a plane goes down, everybody onboard dies. You have more of a chance surviving a car accident.

I don’t want to reincarnate, so I’d rather not die.

My iPhone 7 doesn’t support T-Mobile?

According to this, T-Mobile isn’t listed. But some of the providers listed, use T-Mobile. Also, it seems to work on T-Mobile just fine.

According to something on Google, it works on all four.

I didn’t look up the frequencies for T-Mobile, I’m to lazy, and it works, so I don’t really care.

The silicone iPhone case feels better then Otterbox

I don’t think I like the feel of hard plastic. The Otterbox on my iPhone SE, has a soft shell, and then a hard part.

You can get other stuff made out of silicone, like silicone implants.

I’ll take a fancy iPad Pro

It’s almost as fast as a MacBook Pro 2018. Cheaper too. Use it as a laptop, a somewhat handicapped laptop.

Apple has to increase the price on everything, because of the decline of sales on everything.

Soon new iPhones might cost 2k. They might sell one a year, if they do that. Except, rich people own Apple stuff, so they’ll sell more then one. I’ll try paying Apple to replace my battery, oh wait, that’ll probably cost $500. Well, in that case, I’ll be stuck with an iPhone with a low performing battery.

Apple currently uses Intel in their Macs. So saying their slow, is saying Intel is slow. I’d rather have anything other then Intel.

How much is the keyboard for it? Yes, you could use any keyboard, since it has USB Type-C, unless they don’t support wired keyboards, I have a USB Type-C to A adapter. Do SD card readers work? Import my pictures to it, so I can edit them if I need to. A bluetooth keyboard would probably work too. But I think the one made for it, might have a stand for the iPad. Looks like one weird laptop though.

Nice, it’s a case too, like the old folio cases, but with a keyboard. And it costs $179. There goes the idea of getting more then 64 GB of space. Apple really is raising their prices. $179 for a folio keyboard. At least you don’t have to run Windows Defender on it.

I doubt Democrats will take control of the house and/or Senate

People wanted corruption, and they are getting what they wanted.

Also, why aren’t conservatives concerned about all the illegal stuff Trump does? Like tax fraud? Because they are hypocrites. Just like the rest of the world.

America is a lost cause as a “democracy”. The electoral college wouldn’t exist in a democracy.

The US is run on money, that’s all the US cares about. If going to war will make money, then so be it.

No slabs until tomorrow morning

Apparently Karen, didn’t want Fran, to Fran it up, and didn’t want to take orders overnight. Their billing isn’t open 24/7, everything is manually approved.

Fran identifies as a 10TB Slab. That’s one big hunk of meat. Oh wait, he said identifies.

I identify as a 0.01TB Slab.

iPhone 7 came today

I bought it refurbished from Apple, only $8 for one day shipping. Got a product red case, they donate some of the money to aids research. The phone itself is Jet Black, if I remember correctly.

The only thing weird about it, is the home button, it’s not like the iPhone SE, it’s capacitive. I don’t want to press on it because of that, but you have to, if you want to go home, or two times if you want the app switcher.

It’s faster then the SE, and the slightly bigger screen is nice. Now I don’t need a new phone for at least two years.

The case is a hair magnet. Probably should of got an Otterbox. It would of been cheaper and probably better protection.

The pictures are HEIC format. Some kind of image format. Looks like Windows users might have a hard time viewing them. I already have GIMP installed in Linux, which can open them.

Camera is better too, then the SE. That is without the flash, I don’t think the flash fired. According to the EXIF no flash was used. Phone is charging now, the battery was going down fast.

The WiFi is faster too. Doesn’t matter at home, but at my mom’s it’s faster. Internet at home isn’t fast enough for it to matter.

You only need to charge to 80% to stop the fast draining. Had to go to the bathroom and take the dog outside. I’ll plug it in when I go to bed.

Alpha.store might of been a scam

Search Google, and you’ll see. Apparently people were complaining about not receiving anything. They sold Linux laptops, now their site is gone.

Good thing I never had enough money to buy one.

Apparently putting a different distro on it required a lot of work. Were they old stolen Windows laptops? Or old Windows laptops bought from businesses?