I forgot Fallout 76 comes out on the 14th

I won’t be buying it, I may of bought a phone, a non Android phone. The CPU smokes the ones in Android phones, nobody invests enough money into Android CPUs.

If I sell my iPhone SE, and Moto X4, I might be able to buy it.

I was busy trying to revive the Moto X4.

Those who say iPhones are slow, haven’t used a modern one, and/or are an Apple hater. The iPhone 3G or was it 3GS is slow. I had a 3G or 3GS, I killed it, by trying to jailbreak it. Didn’t feel like waiting for the battery to die, so I threw it away.

Don’t care about Black Friday. I’m not going to a store and waiting in line, to find out they sold the one item they had. You can also die by participating in Black Friday.

The only thing I’d want is a new CPU for my desktop, but I’ll just wait for the third generation. Either get the third gen, or save money and get the second gen.

Trianium iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack + Guidance Frame)

Comes with a frame to make it incredibly easy to put on your phone. Mine usually aren’t aligned properly. Comes with two, the overpriced one at Walmart I think only has one, over $10. It would be worth over $10, if it was the only one.

The one from Walmart, could still be better, the “frame” or whatever you want to call it, is huge.

The one from Walmart has no bubbles, I’ll have bubbles because I won’t get it the day I get my phone. That means invisible dust on it. Or invisible feces on it.

Mom has the one from Walmart, you can’t tell there’s a screen protector on it.

It costs $5 on Amazon.

That’s better then over $10.

She thinks $60 a year is a lot for 1 TB of space

Not really, especially considering, you have full control of everything on it, Google can’t sell it. And also, I didn’t say I’d be getting 1 TB, most likely the smallest size, don’t remember how much they said it’d cost. It’s less then $5 a month.

She fails to understand anything. Or she doesn’t listen to anything I say.

Don’t tell her anything, as she thinks everything should be free. Enjoy being the product. Oh, and Google doesn’t give you 1 TB for free. If you want to backup the original file and the RAW file, you’ll use space.

Can use it for backups of the sites hosted on it too, but that shouldn’t cost money either, according to her logic. Maybe if you go with shared hosting, or expensive non shared hosting.

She doesn’t need wine, yet she buys that almost everyday. Pretty sure $5 a month is cheaper then buying wine everyday. It’s nice not buying alcohol.

She doesn’t need cell service either. She thinks VPSes are used for illegal activity. Maybe some people do that, not everybody. Oh and her cell service can be used for illegal activity as well. And her internet.

Just because she doesn’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s illegal. Should I say plants are illegal, because I know nothing about them?

The new iPad Pro is as fast as the 2018 MacBook Pro

The six core Intel one. Except, somehow the multi core score is less, the iPad Pro has eight cores. I thought multi core scores were easy. And if the single core score matches the other CPU’s score, then why would it’s multi core score be less? Apparently it has issues with running all of them.

Then again, I don’t have a clue on how computers actually work. Assembling a computer doesn’t require knowing how they work. You just need a screwdriver. Basically plug stuff into each other. Not rocket science.

If I knew how they worked, I wouldn’t buy CPUs premade. Or motherboards. Make my own, and I get 100% control of everything in it. That would be expensive. If you have that much money, you might as well leave this shithole country.

Processed food will kill you

I almost shit myself when I got home, probably the instant noodles I ate. Looked up to see if it can give you the runs. Found an article about how bad they are for you, and all other processed food.

Not sure that dump was runny, apparently it needed to come out though. Could of been the hot pocket I ate yesterday too.

You have two options, eat processed food, or don’t eat at all. You’ll die either way. Everything at the store is processed. You have to have a farm for unprocessed food. As soon as they process it at the store, it’s processed.

I don’t have a farm, so it looks like I won’t be eating. Also, I wouldn’t kill an animal to eat them. Also, don’t know how to grow vegetables.

Might be a bad idea staying up after 2 am

Yesterday, when I did that, I was in like a trance state or something, before I fell a sleep. I’m guessing parts of my brain went offline.

Felt really weird, like no control. The part of your brain that tells you right and wrong, is gone when feeling like that. You’d probably end up dead or in prison if you don’t sleep. You might be legally insane though.

I stayed up a little after 2 am today, didn’t feel like I did yesterday.

Should be able to get a slab tomorrow

From BuyVM. They posted on a forum, saying tomorrow you’d be able to signup. Better get up when my alarm goes off, so I can order it as soon as possible. Will it be available at 9 am?

Might sell out. Which will be a bummer. I want to use it for my pictures, instead of Piwigo.com. You can host Piwigo yourself.

iPhone 7 or Nokia 7.1?

The 7 is faster, but costs slightly more for the refurbished one. Screen is smaller, no HDR either. But I can backup my iPhone SE and restore it to the 7. Maybe somebody will give me some money to buy the Plus.

Is the non Plus’s screen big enough? Bigger then the SE. Not sure 4.7″ is big enough though.

Well, I’m to lazy to setup a new phone, and the iPhone 7 is faster then the Nokia 7.1. I’ll get the non Plus model.

Only 32 GB, that’s plenty for me. I barely take pictures, and you can delete them, after uploading to Google.

It’s funny how a dual core CPU is faster then Android phones. It’s because the single core sucks, apparently phone apps don’t need lots of cores. Also, Apple’s software is designed for their hardware, Android it’s a mess.

System76 Thelio

You can get it with Ryzen. Intel or AMD. Except for the Massive, that’s Intel only.

Not very cheap, and the cheapest AMD config, comes with a four core eight thread CPU. My computer has 16 threads.

System76 was smart with it though, letting you pick AMD or Intel on two of them. Not everybody wants Intel, or AMD. More sales if you let em choose.

Not completely open. I don’t need a new computer, especially not one that’s over a grand. If it was completely open, I’d be more interested in it.

Why do they let you get it with a NVIDIA card? They don’t have an official open source driver, the one you can get, causes freezing if I remember correctly. It’s reverse engineered. AMD has an official open source driver. And it works great mostly, except for the RC kernels. No freezing with it.

I do like how it looks though. Oh yeah, I think the case design might be open, or is it just the daughter board? If the case is open, I’ll send the CAD files to somebody that has the equipment capable of making it.

The best CPU adds over $200 to the price. But if I did buy it, the old one could be Windows only. No VM, means hopefully no problems. Other then Windows, which is a problem.

Does it have custom drivers? If so, you might have to compile them if using a different distro.

There’s CAD files for the case.

Where was I going to get $350 + tax?

Out of a magic hat? Not much money will be in my checking if I buy a phone for that much. Don’t really want to transfer money from my savings into checking. I’d rather transfer money from checking to savings.

Honor might have a phone for that price too. Not Android One, but might have a better CPU. But then you have to deal with their shitty EMUI ROM. Nope, $500. They have one for $200, but slower then the Nokia 7.1.