8 GB of VRAM should be enough for 4k

Monitor is only 1440p though. But if I ever hook my computer up to my TV, or buy a new monitor, I should have enough VRAM. I don’t care what settings the game is on.

Just don’t play Fallout 76 in 4k with a AMD RX 570, seeing as it doesn’t run that great on mostly low settings at 1440p, 4k would probably be worse.

Can anyone even play the PC version in 4k? Maybe with one of those expensive NVIDIA cards.

Fallout 76 is buggy as fuck

I completed an event, and it dropped an aid box or whatever it’s called. Went over to it, and there was nothing in it, just trying to load it, if I remember correctly.

I kept walking away and going back, to try and collect my reward, but it didn’t work, then it disappeared.

Game should of cost $20 max. That’s how much early access games should cost. They even had a B.E.T.A, but it looks like they didn’t bother fixing it.

How did Deepin make a broken terminal?

Record your webcam with ffmpeg, and you will only see the warning or error, or whatever it is, it won’t show the time recording, the size, or anything else.

Use a different terminal, like Mate Terminal, and it shows everything.

You can make qterminal similar, once you hide the menu bar, good luck getting it back. I didn’t look at the shortcuts before closing the settings.

It’s the same as Gnome Terminal, right click in the terminal area. No need for a menu bar, you can get to the preferences without it.

And qterminal doesn’t show everything either.

[mjpeg @ 0x557ffc561980] unable to decode APP fields: Invalid data found when processing input
    Last message repeated 14 times

That’s all I see. It records, it just shows that forever. Google won’t find a solution to that.

The Deepin Terminal might be using QT too.

Found the problem, the window is to big, apparently if the window is to big, it doesn’t show the size and time.

frame=   61 fps= 30 q=34.0 size=       1kB time=00:00:01.91 bitrate=   4.1kbi[mjpeg @ 0x5586522d4980] unable to decode APP fields: Invalid data found when processing input

Deepin Terminal works now too, just make the stupid window smaller.

Resizing the window while ffmpeg is running, doesn’t make that text disappear.

If you get fat enough, you don’t have to exercise

You can’t, as your breathing might get messed up. If you exercise, you may faint.

Going to the doctor is useless, they’ll tell me what I already know, that I’m morbidly obese.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Probiotic 5 Billion CFU, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 2 Month Supply

Do those work like the TruNature Probiotics? if they don’t get past your stomach acid, they are useless.

$13 on Amazon. There’s a 25% off coupon too.

Might buy it, because I’m a cheapskate. You don’t get 100 capsules like the TruNature ones I have. But it’s only $13, you get 60.

The reviews are all bogus, Vine crap.

$10.60 with tax, after the 25% coupon. Don’t remember how much the TruNature ones were at Costco. At least $20. Should of bought two bottles. Do they go bad?

The TruNature stuff is around $18, according to Costco’s site, don’t buy it from a third party seller on Amazon, that’s over $40.

Pizza doesn’t give me the runs

No runs last night, I didn’t eat any pie with cool whip on it. I was eating a piece of pie with cool whip at my mom’s. Think I’ll eat a piece without the cool whip next time I go over there.

I can eat ice cream though, from Dairy Queen.

New outfit in Fallout 76

You get it from the Atomic Shop, I didn’t buy any of the stuff you use to purchase stuff, the game keeps giving me some for free. Do you get free in game currency forever? Or just while doing quests? Or leveling up?

I was hoping he’d get to wear the bra too. The store shows a woman with it on. Why no bra for me?

Got disconnected again, so I stopped playing.

Can I craft that a bunch of times, and share it with people? You can trade with other players.

Custom Manjaro ISO finally works

If you want to edit the Grub command, editing etc/default/grub won’t work, unless I edited the wrong line, that’s in the live-overlay folder.

I extracted the ISO with Engrampa Archive Manager, then edited kernels.cfg, removed quiet and added iommu=soft. Mounting the ISO and copying with cp -a didn’t work, the EFI partition was broken after making the ISO. So if your motherboard is set to UEFI only, it won’t show the flash drive. Can’t mount it either.

iso_app_id="Manjaro Live/Rescue CD" \
mod_date=$(date -u +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S-00  | sed -e s/-//g) \
    xorriso -as mkisofs \
        --modification-date=${mod_date} \
        --protective-msdos-label \
        -volid "MJRO1800" \
        -appid "${iso_app_id}" \
        -publisher "Nobody" \
        -preparer "Prepared by manjaro-tools/${0##*/}" \
        -r -graft-points -no-pad \
        --sort-weight 0 / \
        --sort-weight 1 /boot \
        --grub2-mbr ./boot/grub/i386-pc/boot_hybrid.img \
        -partition_offset 16 \
        -b boot/grub/i386-pc/eltorito.img \
        -c boot.catalog \
        -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table --grub2-boot-info \
        -eltorito-alt-boot \
        -append_partition 2 0xef ./efi.img \
        -e --interval:appended_partition_2:all:: \
        -no-emul-boot \
        -iso-level 3 \
        -o ../manjaro-deepin-18.0.0-stable-minimal-x86_64.iso \

There’s the command for making the ISO, don’t follow the Arch Linux Wiki’s instructions. I stole that from the Manjaro Git. That’s what manjaro-tools uses to make the ISO.

Uploading the ISO now, so if you want kernel 4.18.20 and iommu=soft, you don’t have to make it yourself.

To do it yourself, make the ISO with buildiso, then modify it by doing the above.