There's a new bios update for my MSI motherboard

- Update AGESA Code

That’s the only thing interesting in the update. But I won’t update, because that can cause the motherboard to no longer boot with video cards, at least EVGA video cards.

Ha, that update was announced in May of last year.

MSI is slow as fuck.

The last addition should excite those interested in virtualization. AMD has announced "fresh support" for PCI Express Access Control Services (ACS), which enables the ability to manually assign PCIe graphics cards within IOMMU groups. This should be a breath of fresh air to those who have previously tried to dedicate a GPU to a virtual machine on a Ryzen system, since it is a task that has thus far been fraught with difficulties.

Well, in that case, I’ll probably upgrade. Except, I don’t really need that, unless I want to put the video card in the slower slot. It’s already isolated. Does it let me select a boot GPU?

That article doesn’t mention when the update was supposed to happen. On the 19th for MSI.

That update would be nice, I think you can passthrough stuff if it’s all in the same group. Or a separate group. If there’s other stuff in the group, you have to pass it through too.

I want to passthrough a PCIe ethernet adapter, so I don’t have to use a shitty USB 3.0 adapter. All USB ethernet adapters suck. Pretty sure I removed those cards. Don’t know where I put them.

I’ll update sometime after I wake up. Got to remember what the RAM speed is, updating might erase that. Running it at a faster speed results in memory errors. It’s not a 32 GB kit, two 16 GB kits, same brand and model. But apparently that isn’t good enough.

The newest iPad non pro is slow?

It has the same CPU as my phone. So that’s surprising, my phone isn’t slow. The iPad probably has a higher resolution, which could make it seem slow, if the video isn’t up to the task. And she’s comparing it to a $750 phone. Or did she think that when she had an iPhone SE too?

Might be a software problem. Or maybe the iPad Apple sold her is defective.

Does the iPad’s GPU have it’s own VRAM? Or does it share it with the system? If it shares it, there might not be much RAM free, causing it to appear slow. At least higher resolutions for games requires more VRAM.

So don’t play games on it, which is one thing she does on it. I was playing the game she plays, but it’s boring. I should uninstall it from my phone. Then I won’t get notifications I don’t care about.

Geekbench has none of the new iPad Pros. No results for A12X, and no results for A12 iPad. Pretty sure some site posted benchmarks for one of the pros, you just can’t find it yourself.

Is that the only way to get unwanted in Fallout 76?

By getting killed and then eaten? I’ve never seen the option to eat the non other players. Never killed another player.

I got wanted by stealing and blowing up a tank of some kind. Apparently if somebody pays to own a workshop, and you loot and blow stuff up, you become wanted. You can contest the ownership, if you are level 14, and they are over 50, good luck.

There’s stuff to kill that isn’t another player. No option to eat em though.

I think they killed me with a sniper, and it only took one bullet. I’m sure they used the VAT thing. Easier to get a head shot doing that, like the auto aiming pistol in Titanfall 2. Kind of, except you can pick where you shoot. And it works with any gun.

If you get a enough level, and a power suit, then when you are wanted, you can kill them instead. They might eventually use a nuke, if nobody can kill you. Stay in your shack.

Or better, make a gang. At least five gang members stay together at all times, playing by yourself, will be a stupid mistake. Then other people will make gangs, and it’ll basically be gangs vs gangs.

There isn’t five players playing the game, on the server I’m on. Or maybe there is, but they wouldn’t all join the gang, as there would be no point in all five players being in one gang, and zero other gangs.

Looks like not very many people bought Fallout 76 on sale for $40.

I should of let the turrets kill me, like I was going to. Then I wouldn’t have to see them being eaten.

To bad you can’t pay your bounty.

Oh yeah, when you are wanted, you can’t see where other people are. So if you keep killing the one man army people, a group could come, and then you get killed. So a nuke probably isn’t required, unless it’s a gang. And you want to get the bounty on all gang members. That might be a lot of coins.

Apparently firmware version 6.2.0 for the Switch was cracked already

According to this post on

I don’t think TX does anything by themselves. Or almost nothing. They claimed quite a while ago, that they’d have a solution for the patched Switches, not the new hardware revision. They still have zero solution for it.

I’ll keep using SX OS, for the not designed very well EmuNAND, and XCI loading. I don’t care about the USB support. I actually should turn the Switch off and use nothing. I don’t play it anymore.

Not actually cracked, just the keys extracted using userland exploit.

Somebody claims piracy on the 3DS is harder in 2018. So I can’t buy a game and back it up anymore? That isn’t exactly piracy though. I should sell my N3DS, I don’t play it anymore.

Think they might mean the FreeShop thing doesn’t work anymore. People can still buy games, dump em, and share em.

Hulu is only $12 for a full year?

That’s a good price, if it’s the ad free one.

It’s the commercial plan only. Boohoo. Still dirt cheap.

You can’t prepay for a ton of years? Prepay for like twenty years, that’s about how long till the first nuke drops. Except, Hulu might only last five more years. So prepay for five years.

I won’t signup, I barely watch TV. I have two shows recorded, and I still haven’t watched them.

Sofie bit the kitten's head

Apparently she did that to Chibi and Lilly when she first met them too. Except, the kitten has been here since Saturday or something. The cat hissed and jumped on the counter.

I didn’t see Sofie bite her head, I just heard the cat hiss, and then saw her on the counter.

Tonka wags her tail like crazy when she sniffs the kitten. Guess Tonka might not bite them. She does like baby people, good chance she likes all babies, doesn’t matter what they are. The kitten was letting Tonka sniff her after Sofie bit her head.

The kitten could be a he. Who identifies the sex of animals at SCRAPS? Apparently they said Buddy was a girl dog. He was full grown, you don’t have to look very hard to tell he was a boy.

Apparently they said the kitten was an adult too. They sure don’t act like an adult. Don’t look full grown either.

I should get Tonka a baby animal. Don’t want to clean a litter box. Don’t know how to potty train a dog. Also, don’t want two dogs, taking them both out on a leash could be a disaster. Unless you get a dog that isn’t protective at all. A puppy won’t be right away, but once they grow up they might be. Then two dogs freaking out at the same time. Also, they’d have to be a border collie, since Tonka is. I want to see a border collie herding another border collie.

Kids get mad if a dog tries herding them. Think Tonka tried herding my sister’s oldest son, when he was younger, apparently he didn’t like it. If I get crazy enough, a dog will try herding me. I’ll be like a brain dead sheep.

Tonka might play with the kitten. Or herd them. Kitten might get mad if she herds them though.

Should of waited for Black Friday to buy a TV

Could of got a 49" LG 4k for the same price as my TCL. From Target.

Oh well, I don’t use my TV much, so the brand doesn’t matter.

There’s only one left. At the local store, none on their site.

I like my TV just fine, but if I waited, I could of got it for less maybe. The cheapest price I saw for a TCL is $280, from Target. Costco has a 50", but out of stock, so it doesn’t say how much it cost before it sold out.

The sale is mostly useless. Also, I paid about $320 or so, after tax for my TV, the LG is $330 before tax, add another $20 at least for tax. My TV must of been $300 before tax. So still cheaper then the LG.

I didn't get up till almost 11 am

Dog kept wanting me to get up, so I finally got up at almost 11 am. I might of went to bed before 10 pm too, don’t remember.

Crucial P1 500GB $88 on Amazon

Looks like it’s the only thing on my Amazon wish list on sale. That’s what you are supposed to do, add everything you want to your wish list, then no need to browse through all the pages of “deals”.


Don’t really have $88, so I can’t buy it.

The reviews are mostly useless on that drive, all got it for free from the Vine program. Only one review that bought it. It’s better then a SATA SSD, and free, therefore a good review.

Crucial is a good brand, so I’d buy it. Just don’t waste time reading Vine reviews. I could probably ask somebody to buy it for me, and pay them back. Or cancel the used video card.

Not that much cheaper then the full price anyways. Think it cost about $110 before they lowered the price.

Like dropped calls?

Use T-Mobile. Or talk to somebody with an iPhone XR. Unless it was my phone. Might not of been using WiFi calling, it’ll say T-Mobile Wi-Fi if you are. No idea why it isn’t always using it when on WiFi, it’s on. Probably T-Mobile’s servers going down.

She doesn’t call back either. I’m going to take my medicine and eat some cereal instead of calling her back. She was saying something, then the call was gone. Don’t know what she was going to say.

It was just on Wi-Fi calling, now it isn’t. Maybe that’s the problem, the call is dropping when it switches from WiFi to cell. If that’s the case, I should disable Wi-Fi calling.

Glad I didn’t buy a $750 phone. Looks like the new ones are worse for calls on T-Mobile.

iPhones have better resale value then Android phones

Even the SE does. Paid $250 for a Moto X4, looks like nobody wants it for $100. The iPhone was bought for less then $100, so $80 is profit. Unless you count the service I paid for, then it’s losing money. Don’t remember how many months I paid for. That’s why I bought a iPhone 7, I don’t want to use Straight Talk. There’s cheaper providers, if I needed to pay for my own service.

Sounded like somebody outside was yelling fuck you

They must be having an excellent Thanksgiving. They were saying fuck you, I assume they were outside.

If I wasn’t taking a dump, I could of yelled out the window and say “fuck you too”. That’s the problem with yelling fuck you outside an apartment building, with a crazy person inside it. They will think you are yelling at them.

Why did I buy a new video card?

More like a used video card. I don’t like games that have an objective. Might need to do the quests in Fallout 76 to level up. Events have an objective too. And they are useless anyways, almost nobody does them.

There might be a surge of new players tomorrow, the game will be on sale for $40.

There’s no objective if all you do is craft. But it’ll get boring fast, as you won’t want to go looking for stuff you need. You might not level up either, or get any plans to build some stuff.

The problem with wireless security cameras

Somebody can disconnect the camera from the AP. Just like somebody was disconnecting my phone all morning when I was sleeping. They haven’t done it again.

If you want security, you use wired cameras, no wireless. They’d have to cut the wire or destroy the camera to disable it.

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were pardoned in my dream

I was in love with Steven’s lawyer too, apparently. No idea how old she is. And I doubt she’s single.

The new attorney general requested a retrial, the judge declined, so he pardoned them. Or that’s why he pardoned Dassey. Pardoned Avery because there wasn’t real blood on some of the evidence, some kind of paint or something stupid.

Two runny dumps today

Thanksgiving is a good day, if you like the runs. Maybe I’ll remember, and either not go next year, or not eat anything with lactose. If you have a lactose problem, green bean casserole probably isn’t a good idea. The cheese from the cheese ball didn’t help either.

Small toilets suck, if you are morbidly obese.

It’s funny how she gets offended if you talk about your bowels. Yet, she is a nurse. You shouldn’t be in the health industry if you don’t like talking about anything that is health related.

Just took a non runny dump.

At least if you have the runs, you might not gain weight, if you shit all the food you ate out.

Fire alarm is dead

The battery is dying. Had to drag my dresser thing out into the living room, to be able to reach the fucking fire alarm. Not really a dresser, more like a tool case or something. Surprised it held my weight up.

I don’t have any square batteries, so I can’t put a battery in it. The office won’t be open till Monday. Not going to listen to it beep until Monday. There’s another fire alarm in my room. Probably illegal to unplug it and remove the battery.

Dog was freaking out, like it’s the end of the world. Knocking stuff down constantly. Doesn’t want you to have a dog.

I doubt I’ll see the maintenance guy tomorrow, probably won’t be working. Thanks to them for putting a shitty battery in it. Can’t remember when they changed it, the battery that was in it before lasted longer.

It beeped a little after removing the battery too. Something was beeping. Guess it had a little bit of power left. Pushing the button does nothing, so maybe it wasn’t beeping. Maybe the other one needs a new battery too.

Had to move my couch over too, so I could get on top of the dresser thing. Would of been funny if I fell, then the dog could freak out all morning. And until the paramedics come. Then I can sue the apartment. For putting the fire alarm up as high as possible.

It’ll suck trying to get the one in my bedroom. When it dies at 2 am. Almost 3 am. Guess they don’t want you changing the batteries in them.

You do your own laundry?

That’s why you need a caregiver, the only thing you have to do is wipe your butt. If you lose both of your hands, then you don’t have to do that either.

I should switch to FreeBSD

Why? Because it’s blazing fast. I remember trying a FreeBSD distro, that was a long time ago. Looks like it’ll have a 64bit Linux compatibility layer.

Not sure how to setup my VM in it though. Also, then Windows might need to be activated again. Which means contacting them again.

And according to their wiki, GPU passthrough isn’t supported.

Sure they locked themselves out

The office will be giving me a notice or something. Because some guy that doesn’t live here followed me in the building. I didn’t let him in, I have to hold the door open for the dog, he grabbed the door.

So I’ll ask the office how I’m supposed to get in without using the lobby door.

Another good reason to never get a dog again. Don’t have to go outside if I have no dog. She also has to sniff every inch of the ground. She won’t just go to the bathroom.

How did he lock himself out? Probably a stalker. Or homeless. I didn’t recognize the name they gave me, no idea who that is, they are supposedly their friend.

Oh wait, I should of called 911, after he followed me in, don’t open the second door. Tell em some guy followed you in the building that doesn’t live here. Then get arrested for wasting their time. Then I’ll get the apartment building a notice, of me moving out, into jail. At least I won’t have to pay rent anymore.

Maybe it’s the guy who pulled the fire alarm, and isn’t supposed to be in the building anymore. If the fire alarm goes off, then that’s who it was. And I’ll be getting a ten day notice, then I’ll know what it’s for.

And if they locked themselves out, why didn’t their friend go down there?