Don't upgrade your Switch to 6.2.0 if you want CFW

Just read this post. On a later page, it says what changed.

I think my EmuNAND is still on 6.0.0, my non EmuNAND is 4.0.1 or something. I don’t do anything with it, other then update SX OS. I don’t actually play it.

Your CPU gets hotter then 34C compiling the Linux kernel?

That’s using six threads. It does go up a little past 34C, think the max so far was 36C. But that might be the web browsing. If I don’t do anything, it stays at 34C.

According to my thermometer, it’s 63.9F in here. Doesn’t feel cold, it might be wrong, the heater probably says it’s 70F in here, but that’s probably wrong too.

Got up to 38C. The fan might speed up at 38C, knocking it back down to 34C.

There's a big dump

Waiting until after dinner to shit, results in one big dump.

If I’m not shitting all night, maybe I’ll fall a sleep easier.

I don't care if the used video card on eBay was mined to death

It should last at least as long as the eBay protection is. Probably longer, since there’s not enough time in a day to play games all day. I have to sleep as long as possible. Dog woke me up even earlier today. Think I should take her out at midnight, so I can sleep even longer.

Good price, $111, even for a mined to death card. I might sell my refurbished AMD RX 460. I bought it refurbished, I’ll advertise it as used, because I used it. Linux will get the 470.

Wait a second, the 470 requires power directly from the PSU. The slot doesn’t provide enough. I’m not removing the PSU to attach a cable, that I may or may not have. In that case, I’ll sell the 470.

Does the 460 require more power then the slot? Doubt it does. The 470 was used for mining for 1-3 months. You don’t have to mention that, unless they ask. That was a long time ago.

Might of bought a mining video card for $111

A AMD RX 570 8 GB, XFX brand.

Originally bought these in the February-March time frame for mining. Didn't have the time or energy and prices crashed making it not worth the effort. They've been sitting in my house gathering dust for months, until I had time this Thanksgiving to box them up, take photos and list them on Ebay.

That’s what the description says. The problem is, if they are lying, I can get all my money back. If you advertise it like they did, and they lied, you are protected.

The discount was $17.85.

It does HDR too, I’d need a long HDMI cable. Doubt the long one I have does 4k. And that video card isn’t great for 4k. Unless, you lower the settings. I don’t plan on changing the settings once I get it. Just want it for more VRAM. Also, it’ll tell me if my current card is semi-defective, if there’s no stuttering, then the old one has issues. Or running out of VRAM.

Does it have the AMD reset bug? If not, I don’t need my scripts that enable and disables it. But I’ll keep using the scripts.

With my luck, it won’t be compatible with my motherboard.

Can you use the coupon more then once? You can get a NVMe 500 GB SSD for $63 after the discount.

If it was used for mining, you might not be able to tell, not until it dies, probably after the protection ends. At least it was only $111.

I can give Linux my 470.

Oh yeah, when I first tried to purchase, it said they don’t ship to the US. Changed my primary address, and then it let me order it. Apparently they don’t ship to my apartment, not where I was going to ship it anyways. The mail person will give it to somebody else.

CPU sold out

The cheapest price on eBay is $170. Around $140 if the coupon works.

Does Newegg still have it on their site?

Not directly from them, third party seller. Costs more then $150.

Not surprising they sold out, might be first generation, but that’s cheap for a 8 core 16 thread CPU.

If you buy from Newegg, pay with PayPal

Then if they refuse to give you a replacement, or refund, you can dispute the charge easily. Probably dispute it with my credit union too. If PayPal doesn’t do anything. I wonder how many people dispute Newegg payments.

Just say the product wasn’t as advertised, if it has bent pins, or is defective.

Make sure you take pictures too. As soon as you open it.

Ha, nobody can get a hold of me

Only one missed call. I replied to the text I got, 8 minutes after I got it.

I’d think there’d be missed calls, and possibly lots of texts, if people couldn’t get a hold of me. Nobody even tried.

PowerColor RED DRAGON Radeon RX 570 8 GB

On sale for $150 on Newegg’s site.

More VRAM might make games work better, if using a higher then 1080p resolution. I don’t care about the settings. No stuttering would be nice though.

A video card is easier to put in then a CPU, you have to remove the cooler to put a CPU in. Not sure I know how to remove the cooler, I managed to install it, but it may never come off.

Is it compatible with my MSI motherboard? I had a NVIDIA 1050 Ti, that stopped being compatible after updating the bios. Sold it on eBay, since I couldn’t use it, replaced it with a MSI 560 or 460. Think the NVIDIA card was EVGA.

There’s a MSI on eBay for $150, there’s a 15% off coupon if you buy from the app. Problem is, they only have 45 feedback. I doubt the cards are new, probably pulled from their mining rig. Otherwise, how would they have 7 of them?

Why doesn’t Newegg have it on their eBay store? They have the AMD 1700X, it’s around $120 if the coupon works.

And the eBay video card, a lot of their feedback says “No longer a registered user”.

Every time I think about spending $150, I don’t want to spend any money. Guess I’ll just buy nothing.

Had to give Tonka her medicine today

She’s been panting more then she usually does. That means she’s probably in pain, from her arthritis.

Stopped giving it to her again, because she stopped eating her food right away. Thought it was hurting her stomach.

Almost no stuttering in Fallout 76 now

Downgraded the AMD driver, and switched to the new optimized INI files. It says on the newest files, to open the game, change the resolution and other settings, then close it, and mark the files as read only. What happens if you allow the game to always write to the files?

I have mine on mostly low, I think only two things are medium.

If the land isn’t flat enough, good luck placing your shack. And it costs money to move your C.A.M.P. It says 11 in the pip boy, but then it says you don’t have enough coins. Got more coins, and it charged me at least 50 coins. No idea why it says 11. Might charge you more based on the last time you moved it. I’m poor in the game. I don’t spend a lot of time doing quests or events, nobody else is ever doing the events anyways, only some can be easily completed by one person. I do have all the crafting stations I need. So I could do the quests now. I need aluminum, to repair one of my guns. Something else I need too, can’t remember what. Wood is easy to get.

The only reason I had to keep moving my C.A.M.P, is I joined the game, and my C.A.M.P was gone, it was free that time, but I picked a bad place. Well, it was better then the second place. Couldn’t even get my shack down at the second place.

The building part of the game is horrible. If you saw my fence, you’d see why. If it uses the Fallout 4 engine, why is the game so broken? They need a smarter way for placing stuff, so it can adjust to how the ground is.

And a picture for those that likes bulges in underwear.

Might of spoke to soon. Just go to an area with buildings. Good thing not many people play the game, as I’m sure that would cause stuttering too, if you are all doing an event.

That’s what the fence looks like in the new C.A.M.P spot. They allow you to place it, but it floats partly.

The game was most likely a test, to see if anyone would be interested in it. So they don’t care if it’s fully working. They might care, if somebody sues em. It isn’t an early access game, and if it was, it should cost less then $60.

If you read reviews, apparently all their new games are buggy. Guess they never change for the better, just release broken games.

AMD Ryzen 1700X is only $150 at Newegg

If I had any family that likes me, I’d ask somebody to buy it for me, and pay them back. It shouldn’t have the Linux compiling bug. Unless they are still selling buggy ones.


Amazon is better then Newegg, if your CPU has bent pins, Newegg might not do anything about it. Never had that happen, think the last CPU I bought, was from Amazon. Just read reviews on Newegg.

I actually have enough money, just wouldn’t leave much in my checking. Might need to buy dog food before next Friday. Also, I don’t know what day my internet TV service will renew itself, and the DVR service.

Bad review because the CPU has a factory warranty, and Newegg won’t take it back. Also, the review mentions a motherboard, which should be on the motherboard’s reviews, or on Newegg review. That’s why you take pictures of stuff you send back. Unless, it’s Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t even sell the 1700X directly, third party sellers, and more then $150.

They changed their mind about a assembling a computer, so sent everything back. The motherboard was defective. Instead of just returning that and getting a working one, they bought a premade computer. Now they are stuck with a CPU, and a defective motherboard.

But, based on Newegg’s customer service, I won’t buy anything from them. Bent CPU pins, and no replacement. Will AMD replace it?

The PS5 might have a 8 core Ryzen CPU

Will it have 16 threads like mine? Can I install Linux to it? It might only cost $500. Not much more then a 8 core Ryzen CPU.

No need to buy a new CPU, or video card, I’ll buy the PS5 instead. If it doesn’t have backwards compatibility, I might not buy it. That means no Red Dead Redemption 2. Or maybe you’ll be able to rebuy it, no thanks.

If I have to rebuy the games I have, I’ll consider the next Xbox instead. It should also use a AMD CPU.

You can’t assemble a 8 core Ryzen computer capable of playing games for $500. A decent video card is at least $200. That doesn’t include RAM, case, PSU, Windows license, hard drives, motherboard.

Oh wait, I think they have the 1st gen Ryzen 8 core CPUs for cheap. Still probably be over $500.

Will the AMD Ryzen 2700 cost $250 next month? That’s how much it currently is on Amazon. Less then I paid for 1700.

Since I probably won’t go to Christmas, I won’t be getting any Xmas money. If I wait for the third gen CPUs, then it’ll probably cost even less. I just need a new CPU that can compile with all 16 threads.

Tell that to PayPal

That SMS isn’t secure for security codes. I just checked, I can’t change it to use an App. Basically, it adds no security.

Stuttering is back

Looks like some stuff got changed when I unmarked read only, and changed Fallout 76 to medium settings. Don’t think you can change everything in the INI file in the game itself, you have to edit the file.

I compared the files, and anything that was higher in the no longer optimized file, I changed to the optimized value. What else might work, is adjusting just the low-ultra settings, not using the medium preset.

Didn’t open the game yet, to see if it’s any better.

If I use the optimized file, I get slow motion when going to areas with buildings. Also, it has a resolution of 1080p, my monitor is 1440p. You can change that one thing, but the slow motion is still there.

You can find my modified INI here. If your resolution isn’t 1440p, you’ll need to edit the file.

The original can be found here. That is version 1.1. Looks like there’s a new version. I’m to lazy to edit it again.

Don’t think latency is the problem, the max was 411. That’s without isolating any cores. It was over 1,000 with isolated cores before. Probably need to downgrade my video driver. Maybe tomorrow.

Could be the game too, it’s a mess on the PS4.

Smart dog

Instead of going to the bathroom, she barked her head off. So I didn’t bother walking back and fourth, went inside instead. Not outside for her to bark. Barking at some person running, and then at a dog.

She might figure out how to go to the bathroom eventually, or I guess she just won’t go. Not staying outside if she’s barking.

iPhone SE might be sold soon

Somebody offered $80 for it. That’s more then I paid for it. The phone itself was around $50 refurbished, but I had to pay for a month of service too.

Pretty good deal, it didn’t lose value.

They want to sign into their iCloud to make sure it works. Their intention might be to run off with it.

Would be better to sell it on eBay. As if they decide to login to their account, and then don’t want it, I might not be able to sign out without their password, rendering the phone useless. Don’t remember if it asked me for a password, when I signed out.

SX OS 2.3 Beta added SD EmuNAND support

And you can migrate your EmuNAND on the internal storage to your SD card.

How stable is the beta? I’d rather have my EmuNAND on my micro SD card.

It’s moving it to my micro SD card. Looks like it’s dumping the entire NAND, that’ll take a while.


Update It works, there’s some people on GBAtemp with issues, no issues here. Maybe because my micro SD card is faster, or doesn’t have as much stuff on it.

And according to some people on GBAtemp, the way it’s implemented might be bad for micro SD cards. It’s mounting a file that’s on the micro SD card, if using exFAT, enjoy corruption, thanks to Nintendo. But it’s apparently not good for FAT32 either. I don’t use my Switch, so it probably won’t affect me.

15.18 GB update for Fallout 76

What was the point in the B.E.T.A? They clearly didn’t fix much. Early access games shouldn’t cost $60. While I was playing last night, said there was an enemy where I was looking, but there wasn’t.

Building is a massive pain in the ass, if you are adding a second story. It doesn’t like snapping to anything. Took a long time to replace the floors on the pre made stairs with floors and posts.

Why does my video card keep saying version 1.1 for PCIe, then 3.0?

You can find optimized INI files for Fallout 76 here. Sucks you have to login to download, my password was wrong, had to reset it, then I had to reactivate my account.

Optimized? For who? The stuttering might be gone, but now it goes into slow motion in areas with buildings. It was set to Ultra, changed it to Medium.

The update for the PS4 is 47 GB. I read there was going to be a huge update, they must of been talking about the PS4 version.

Did I kill Windows?

Shut it down last night, and it got a black screen. If it disabled the video card, but didn’t shutdown, there’d be no signal to the monitor most likely. There was no CPU activity, so I forced it off.

It still works, it just doesn’t know how to shutdown.