Surprised I’m still alive

Breathing is hard when laying down. I could go to the doctor, but they’ll just tell me to lose weight, I already know that. No need to pay $500 to hear something I know. Except, my insurance would pay it.

Think I forgot to use my nose spray stuff.

Another beep

While I was in the shower. Does a red light mean it needs a new battery? The one in the living room doesn’t blink very much, so I don’t know if the battery he put in is bad. The one in my bedroom has a red light, when it blinks.

There’s a green LED too, it doesn’t flash. You can see it under the test button or whatever.

Well, they changed the battery, then it started beeping. Wasn’t beeping before, maybe once. I’m guessing the battery was bad that he put in it.

Tonka freaks out when it beeps, she knocked the trash down in the bathroom.

Hopefully the living room fire alarm isn’t the one that beeped while I was in the shower.

Got Manjaro to boot from flash drive

Finally looked up ryzen kernel panic Manjaro on Google. Somebody used iommu=soft, and it booted. I did the same and it booted. I use iommu=pt on my installed system. What is it using by default?

No idea what the live system does differently.

How do I make an ISO with iommu=soft in the command? So I don’t have to remember to add that next time I need the live system. I also deleted quiet.

Nice, there’s an etc/default folder with grub. That should do the trick.

If it works, I’ll upload the ISO to I won’t test it till I wake up. Might not wait for it to finish making it either.

==> Done [Build ISO]
 --> Time compress_images: 3.90 minutes
==> Finished building [deepin]
 --> Time make_profile: 11.10 minutes

Faster then the first time, thanks to my slow download speed. No downloading the second time, I didn’t delete everything it downloaded. 45C was the max CPU temperature, it was compressing stuff.

Their Wiki says it takes at least 10 minutes. Without downloading, it was even closer. How long does it take if you have a faster 16 thread CPU?

More VRAM won’t get rid of stuttering in Fallout 76

Not surprising. Do any other games stutter as badly as Fallout 76? Never tried any other games. I don’t care about the highest settings. Most of the settings are on low.

Just look at how many bugs are in the game. They haven’t bothered fixing any of them yet.

Apparently it was half ass made.

What happens if everybody becomes immortal? There’s a bug, which they might not of fixed yet. Then everybody can have a bounty, you’ll never get killed. Nukes won’t kill you either. Crafting should be easier, easier to get stuff you need.

The CPU got up to 46C. That might of been when comskip was running.

Pain to install a video card if you don’t lay the computer down

Wouldn’t recommend it, unless you want to risk breaking something. Looks like I have to switch back to NetworkManager, Deepin keeps enabling it. Just got to delete all the files for the old bridges.

Rebooting is a bad idea, Channels DVR is recording something. That means some of the show could be missing. Unless it was rebooting during commercials.

No idea how to get Manjaro live USB to boot, it doesn’t boot with kernel 4.18.20 either. Is the secure boot or whatever it’s called enabled? Doesn’t affect the installed Manjaro.

I’m going to need to lay down the computer, so I can blow the dust out of the other video card. Don’t think you are supposed to hold those upside down, canned air. The old video card had a ton of dust. That’s only the cause of stuttering if it was overheating.

That actually worked?

# echo 1 > /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:03.1/0000:1c:00.0/rom
# cat /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:03.1/0000:1c:00.0/rom > xfx.570.8gb.rom
# echo 0 > /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:03.1/0000:1c:00.0/rom

To get my XFX’s ROM? Windows booted, and it says I have 8 GB now, I was using a 4 GB ROM, so GPU-Z said only 4 GB. The 8 GB file I found didn’t work right.

The card is a AMD XFX Radeon RX 570 RX570 Black Edition 8gb GDDR5 Video Graphics Card GPU.

There might be zero video while booting though. And the ROM file is almost 60 KB, smaller then the 4 GB one.

No video while booting, video comes after Windows boots up, so you see nothing till the login screen. Might need to reboot Linux, and remove something from the Grub command. As, it’s turning the GPU off, so it can be used with Windows. I can’t select my boot GPU.

Got the full ROM, booted Windows with the 59 KB ROM, and then dumped the firmware using GPU-Z. No ROM might work too. That might be what I’m basically doing, as the full ROM is 256 KB.

Is it legal to share that file? Some site has a shitload of firmware.

Need to make a custom Manjaro ISO, kernel panic with the latest one too. Need a newer kernel, that might work.

Here’s the firmware for the AMD XFX Radeon RX 570 RX570 Black Edition 8gb GDDR5. If I get a take down notice, I’ll delete the file. And ask why that tech site gets to host bios for a shit load of video cards.

If you can’t find your card’s firmware, on that site, and you get a 59 KB bios file, use a similar card by the same brand, there’s a 4 GB version of the card I got. Assuming you can’t boot anything with a broken ROM or no ROM.

SpeedyKVM might be fine now

They removed the no LET members from their TOS. Also, somebody named Gordon isn’t at Incero anymore.

All I know is people had issues, if they were LET users. Can’t remember exactly what, possibly getting terminated. Or being refused service. That’s why I never signed up with any of their brands. Does the Wable TOS allow LET members?

Adult (sexual) content may not be hosted on any VPS with less than 4 CPUs and 4GB of RAM, hosting such content on smaller VPS shall result in one warning (and account suspension), repeat offenses will result in account deletion without warning.

In the Wable TOS. Don’t think BuyVM cares what plan you host such content on, as long as it’s legal.

Nothing about LET in Wable’s TOS. Maybe it was never in it.

Not a LET member, I have no account. So it might not of mattered to me. I should make an account, to read the categories that aren’t visible to guests.

Hivelocity Has Acquired Incero

Poor performance in Fallout 76 might be common

Somebody tried to get a refund, because of the shitty performance. They said they’d give them a refund, then emailed them back saying no refund.

Maybe if you have a $600+ video card the game runs better.

No Honest Abe beard for me

Accidentally shaved in a spot I shouldn’t of. Also, the hair doesn’t grow everywhere, missing some on my chin. It would be a Broken Honest Abe beard.

You don’t need a Mac to get a beautiful user interface

Use the Deepin desktop environment. I use it in Manjaro, Arch Linux has it too. Manjaro is for lazy people like me.

You could use the Deepin distro. Don’t know anything about it, other then it has the Deepin desktop environment.

The beauty of Linux, you can make it look anyway you want. If there isn’t an already premade look you like, you can make your own, if you are smarter then me.