AlphaRacks might be a horrible company

Wouldn’t recommend getting hosting from them.

Really? When I responded to your PM on here after you suggested I was lying about having been a client, I sent you everything you need including ticket numbers.

From here.

Calling somebody a liar, without proof, makes you an ass. They provided proof to AlphaRacks, but nothing happened. They don’t care. I kind of doubt they have as many customers as they claim. They don’t even have a provider tag on LET.

Also, they don’t mention what a Hybrid Server is, is that the same as BuyVM’s slices? Their site says nothing. If you want 8 GB of RAM, go with BuyVM, you only get two cores, but they are a reputable company. Costs $30, no sale, and currently sold out, certain days of the month they get stock.

There’s also RamNode, but that’s $50 a month. Think I had a cheaper plan, but they don’t have it anymore.

I had the 4 GB plan from RamNode, for $20 a month. The plan is gone. I’d pay $5 more for RamNode, except it’s more then $5 for the plan I have. What’s RamNode’s CPU policy on their non VDS? Do they just throttle you? That’s what BuyVM does on the plan I have, if you are abusing it.

As in all VPS environments, CPU cores and disk I/O are shared among multiple VPSs. If your VPS is consistently maxing out one full core or more and impacting the performance of other client servers sharing the same host node, we may ask you to reduce your usage. Load may be generated by CPU usage and/or I/O. Disruptive load may result in a reboot, shutdown, and/or suspension of the VPS regardless of the time lapse involved.

No throttling, just shutdown, reboot, or suspension. Why not throttling?

VirMach and Impact VPS might be reputable companies. They have deals on LET.

$24 a year for 8 GB, and 4 fair share CPU. Sold out, can I get the 1 GB RAM deal with dedicated CPU? Don’t need it, but if something goes wonky, it won’t matter. That’s on VirMach. Nope, you can’t pay for high CPU usage on the $24 a year 1 GB plan. I’ll keep BuyVM, they’ll throttle me to like 25%. And I already paid it, also I have block storage on BuyVM.

There’s a runny dump

Looks like the probiotics aren’t fully working anymore.

Figured out how to add locks in Fallout 76

Go to the edit mode in the build mode, and click F, if I remember correctly. After selecting the door, or gate.

If you want to see all my Fallout 76 pictures, go here.

Can you make fences taller? Otherwise, the locked gate is useless, you can just jump over it.

I figured it out on accident, I was trying to move something, but it wouldn’t let me. Had to scrap it.

Sofie isn’t good with kittens

Nobody trusts her after she put the kitten’s head in her mouth. So anytime she’s looking at the cat, and trying to get her, she gets yelled at.

That didn’t cause her to be scared of dogs either. She walked right by Sofie, and under her.

The kitten was in my lap, she’s probably being super friendly because she has a cold. Any animal you get from SCRAPS can have a cold when you take them home. But she was using my wrist and arm as a pillow. She rolled over on her back, I hesitate petting a cat I don’t know very well on the belly. She didn’t scratch me. Chairman will let you pet his belly too.

If you pet the old cat’s belly, your hands will most likely be bloody.

I think the kitten was purring while she was in my lap too, it was hard to hear if she was. She doesn’t purr very loudly. The dogs do make her nervous though, but she isn’t scared like Chairman.

She was in my lap for a while. Longer then Chairman will stay in my lap, he might stay in my lap for 5 or 10 minutes now, then he leaves. Not sure why, maybe he can’t get comfortable, he’s overweight. He might be hiding somewhere, didn’t see him today.

Tonka just wags her tail like crazy when she sniffs the kitten. Lilly might of tried playing with the kitten. She used to try and play with Chibi, they’d always be fighting because Chibi didn’t want to play. Lilly finally figured that out, and stopped trying to play with her. Meiko sort of played with Lilly, he put his paw on her. It’s hard for a big dog to play with Lilly, she’s tiny. Unless the dog doesn’t care if they hurt her. Most dogs don’t want their people to get upset with them.

Kind of funny Meiko was the only dog willing to play with Lilly. He was the most nervous dog.

Sleep better?

What is that supposed to mean? I slept until 12:30 pm. Got up at 9 am to take the dog outside, she woke me up a little before 9 am, waited for my alarm. Went back to bed after taking her outside.

I should do that everyday. But sleep until 5 pm instead.

More people play Fallout 76 now

Lots of people doing the event I was doing. Started out with only one other person. Maybe a bunch of people bought it yesterday, and just finished downloading today. Except, a lot of them are a higher level then me.

Then again, I don’t do much to level up.

The stuttering might be game related, when I first started playing there was no stuttering. Thought maybe the bios update helped the game. But then it started stuttering. The event I was doing, was in a building, and I don’t think it stuttered in there.

Video card could be semi defective, I mined for a month or three. But the fan was at 100%, and the temperature I think was 60C or less, maybe a little more then 60C.

If the used video card really wasn’t used, then I’ll know if my old video card is semi defective. How do they know it works if it wasn’t used? They probably mined it to death.

There’s a big loose dump

Might of been bigger then the first dump I took.

Vegetables can do that, if you don’t eat enough. That’s better the fiber gummies, they give you the runs.

Did I lose five pounds from that dump? Maybe that’s why I gained weight, to much shit in me. Probably gained weight from eating to much.

Server not responding

Then I got disconnected, in Fallout 76. Need to go to bed anyways.

On another note, the highest temperature while playing Fallout 76 was 41C, for the CPU.

Deepin isn’t to bad

To change to a 12 hour clock, right click the clock and click 12 hour. I changed the display scaling to 1.25. Otherwise, it’s hard to read anything.

It might be slightly slower then Mate. Possibly because it’s opening Plank, which isn’t needed, it has a better dock, no magnifier, but the taskbar thing is integrated in it. Making a really clean desktop.

For some reason, it doesn’t remember the 12 hour clock, I have to change it after logging back in.

The file manager looks better. But it doesn’t say how much space is free on different drives. Not using the file manager I was using in Mate, it doesn’t look to pretty in Deepin.

How do you change the auto start programs? You can if you use Mate, but I don’t want to login to Mate, just to change it.

Is Compton being used? Might not need it. The autostart programs are in .config/autostart.

Why does it say Downloads for the text for my Home folder?

Removed most of the auto start stuff. Still slow at logging in. Didn’t forget the time format though.

Psensor doesn’t show the temperatures in the task thing, right clicking does nothing. Probably because I’m not using Ubuntu. It’s still better, it’ll tell you the max temperature, so when I’m in Windows, I can look at it after I’m done, and it’ll tell me how hot the CPU got.