Schedules Direct has HDHomeRun Premium TV guide data

Mythtv might work with it now. To lazy to mess with it though. Would be cheaper then paying for Channels, and the guide data might be correct.

Damn it, have to recompile Mythtv, looks like x265 or something was updated, the file is missing.

They removed Mythtv from the repo, so now you have to use the AUR package, which means recompiling when some stuff gets updated.

No live TV probably, unless there’s a Mythtv app for Apple TV.

Nice forum post, they say they got it to work, no link to instructions, and no instructions provided. Looks like it’s easier to use Channels. The Premium TV lineup doesn’t show up in mythtv-setup.

Can’t use the external recorder, no way to add –devicename 0 to it. Mythtv’s user interface is horrible. I’ll keep Channels, even though the TV guide data isn’t right for Expedition Unknown.

Is there a free program that uses Schedules Direct? That’s cheaper then Channels. Emby you have to pay for more features. Emby isn’t cheaper, $5 a month, plus $25 a year for Schedules Direct. They don’t give you the DVR feature for free. I lied, somehow it’s cheaper. Could ditch Plex if I switch to Emby, does it work not at home? Like Plex? And without port forwarding?

If you pay for a year upfront of Emby, it’s even cheaper. But I don’t want to pay around $50.

Is Emby open source? You can get emby-server-unlocked for free. Do they have prebuilt binaries for Windows on their Github? Then my mom only has to pay for Schedules Direct, which she did.

I’d rather pay for it, you get all the features, and there isn’t a stable AUR package, because at least in Manjaro, there’s an official emby-server package.

After installing the non RC version of dotnet, it starts. Didn’t know I had dotnet installed. Problem is, it doesn’t have built in commercial detection. Here’s a Linux solution.

No point, the channel data is incorrect just like Channels. Schedules Direct may get their guide data from the same source as Channels.