She thinks $60 a year is a lot for 1 TB of space

Not really, especially considering, you have full control of everything on it, Google can’t sell it. And also, I didn’t say I’d be getting 1 TB, most likely the smallest size, don’t remember how much they said it’d cost. It’s less then $5 a month.

She fails to understand anything. Or she doesn’t listen to anything I say.

Don’t tell her anything, as she thinks everything should be free. Enjoy being the product. Oh, and Google doesn’t give you 1 TB for free. If you want to backup the original file and the RAW file, you’ll use space.

Can use it for backups of the sites hosted on it too, but that shouldn’t cost money either, according to her logic. Maybe if you go with shared hosting, or expensive non shared hosting.

She doesn’t need wine, yet she buys that almost everyday. Pretty sure $5 a month is cheaper then buying wine everyday. It’s nice not buying alcohol.

She doesn’t need cell service either. She thinks VPSes are used for illegal activity. Maybe some people do that, not everybody. Oh and her cell service can be used for illegal activity as well. And her internet.

Just because she doesn’t understand something, doesn’t mean it’s illegal. Should I say plants are illegal, because I know nothing about them?