Still would rather have a NAS

Does the PCIe slot on the RockPro64 work? Cause an old post says they had to modify it to make it work.

The ODROID-H2 would work, pre orders sold out.

I’d just backup my backup drive to it, the more backups the merrier.

The PCIe slot should work on the RockPro64. The post I’m reading doesn’t say anything about modifying it. I’ll look at the other topics in the category, after I finish reading more of this. But how would a GPU work on it? It doesn’t provide enough power, you’d need a dedicated PSU. Also, NVIDIA is the worst you could use, the open source driver causes freezing. It’s not official, probably the reason it sucks.

The RockPro64 might be a hazard, as in sparks flying out of it.

But the NAS case is metal, I think. So if it lights up, it might burn nothing down. Just itself.

I got an old AMD video card, but it requires to much power.