The Department Of Justice in Wisconsin spokesman likes sexting

They also have a suspended law license.

Why are they so afraid of a new trial for Steven Avery? If their case is so good, it shouldn’t be a problem re-convicting him. That’s what his post conviction lawyer basically said.

She also said, she hasn’t been thrown out of the court. They denied her retrial or whatever, that happened exactly once. She’s working on an appeal.

Also, why would she spend over $800k if she thinks he’s guilty? Nobody in their right mind would spend that much money if they were guilty. She isn’t getting money from Steven’s family, or anybody else.

If he is freed, she’ll be suing the shit out of the state, to pay herself, and money for Steven, so he can go to a better state. I don’t think Steven at this point gives a shit about money. They basically ruined his life. He did time for something he didn’t do in the past, and now he’s doing it again. He just doesn’t want to be stuck in prison till he dies, he’d like to see his parents outside of prison before they pass.

You know what would be funny?