The iPhone 7 is fast

Faster then the iPhone SE, and faster then any Android phone I’ve had. The fastest Android phone I’ve had was probably an Honor 8. But the custom ROM it had sucked, they tried cloning iOS, if I wanted iOS then, I would of paid for an iPhone. Which is what I should of done. Except it would of been more expensive then.

Wasn’t sure the refurbished iPhone 7 was a good deal, seeing as it’s not the newest one anymore. It was well worth the money.

Apple haters won’t use it, even if it smokes their Android phone. They’ll lie and say Android is faster. They have zero facts to back it up. Look at a benchmark, iPhones are faster. Not talking about an ancient iPhone, like the 3G or 3GS. Android wasn’t fast then either, I had an LG Android phone a long time ago, it was slow.