The kitten wanted to play with Tonka

Tonka was looking at her, and possibly sniffing her. Then the kitten laid down, looked like she was going to swat at her. Pretty sure that’s one way cats play, she probably wouldn’t put her claws out. I remember cats swatting at the dog’s tails.

Tonka wasn’t interested in playing, she just was saying hi, then left.

The only dog that might play with her is Lilly. Sofie acts all weird, so I don’t think she’d play with her. Lilly is the right size to play with a kitten. I think Lilly was trying to get the kitten to play with her. Might of been to soon for her to do that.

The kitten isn’t scared of any of the dogs. Chairman is scared of the dogs.

She’ll also try running out the door, if you open it. She doesn’t live in a very good neighborhood for going outside. Also, it’s better to have cats inside only, then you can see them all the time. Dogs are good for inside too, they just go outside to go potty. If you have a pet, I’d think you would want to give them attention. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a pet?

She can’t get hit by a car, if she never goes outside.