Their drive was hot, noisy, and slow to spin up

I own two of those drives, the one in my case, with some loud ass fans in the front is 37C. It’s an enterprise drive, so it runs hotter then other drives.

The other drive in a dock, with a USB powered fan blowing on it, is 36C.

Probably need to clean the dust off the hard drives. I didn’t open that side of the case.

Doesn’t seem nosy, all I hear is the loud ass fans in my case. I bought them because the RPMs are really high. I don’t care about noise.

If their drives were hot, and noisy, they should of contacted their seller, not wait three months, might still be under warranty though.

I’ll still buy two more of them, with an ICY DOCK enclosure. Now to see how much bigger then 3 TB drives from goHardDrive.

Almost $80 for 4 TB, might as well buy a new NAS drive then that.

Are their Seagate drives basically unused too? Well, there’s some Seagates that had a high failure rate. You’d have to search for them on Google.

They have a 3 TB Seagate for slightly less.

Nope, those Seagate’s might have 30k of powered on hours. Do they wipe that from the Hitachi drives? Which is HGST now, and owned by WesternDick.

The first drive I bought, only has 9663 powered on hours, I leave my computer on 24/7. That’s over 400 days.

According to their eBay listing, it’s manufactured refurbished. You get eBay bucks, if you buy on eBay. I have $1.19 in eBay bucks, from buying a video card I didn’t need.

They have new 2 TB drives for $48. Says white label, probably WesternDick. That is cheaper though. Probably going to use it for /home, after I copy everything to it. It’ll be in a software RAID 1. They claim it isn’t really a backup. But if a drive dies, you just replace the drive, and the data is re mirrored.

What’s the point in RAID 1, if it isn’t a backup? It mirrors everything on the other drive. That’s basically what a backup is. Except, a backup probably wouldn’t be as in sync. Might not help you if you delete a file. And forget.

The title on that 2 TB says 6 Gbps, and the description says 3. So if I buy it, and it only runs at 3, I can get my money back for false advertising? Cause the title says 6.

The new white label 3 TB drives, are apparently Hitachi. Buy two of those instead. Not much more then the refurbished.

Wait a second, will those fit in the ICY DOCK enclosure? They might be fatter then non enterprise drives.

Monoprice has a cheaper enclosure. Not sold on Monoprice’s site anymore.