Make sure you lookup all addresses on eBay, if the zip code is wrong, they are a scammer.

If they send me a message, saying it doesn’t work, I won’t respond. In fact, I won’t respond to anything on eBay. Most likely got scammed two times.

I’ll let them open a PayPal dispute saying they didn’t get it. That might be easier to win, then them saying it’s defective. Luckily, all my ads say sold as is. Except, it also says it works.

I’ll be sure to never sell on eBay again. If they claim it doesn’t work, I’ll tell them in the dispute to return it. Except, eBay will force you to pay for a return label. Which will be useless, because they don’t live in the US.

That explains why Channels isn’t recording HGTV

Just checked the channel lineup, HGTV is gone.

Thanks Silicondust for getting rid of a channel I record.

1449 DSC
1450 TLC
1464 OWN
1471 APL
1484 FOOD
1488 TRAV
1492 HGTV

Those are all the channels, they got rid of. No Expedition Unknown either.

Now to get my $10 credit. Oh, you don’t have to do anything, everybody is affected. So they are giving everybody the credit. Even if you sign up today, you’ll be paying $25 a month.

Law enforcement doesn’t care about WiFi hackers

Somebody got on my WiFi two times, two different router’s, one you can’t fully disable WPS, the other I didn’t realize it was still on, you have to go to some “system parameters” page to disable it.

I’m pretty sure they killed the NETGEAR router somehow. That’s the one you can’t fully disable WPS on. They probably killed the NETGEAR switch I had too. No idea what they were doing on my network.

Don’t bother reporting anybody, I doubt they’ll do a thing about it.

The only thing you can do, is change your password a lot.

I don’t know if they are in the building, or somewhere nearby.

Don’t use the optimized Fallout 76 config

Not with the latest version of the game. It’ll make your scope upside down when you look through it.

Game still won’t close, only way to close it, is by logging out. ALT + TAB doesn’t get the task manager to view, even if you open it from CTRL + ALT + DEL. You can see the start menu, but you can’t change the window.

To lazy to update the driver, claims there’s a new recommended version, but it’s the same version. The optional update doesn’t mention anything about Fallout 76.

Intel might open source their FSP

According to this.

If they really are working on it, they’ll sell lots of CPUs, or maybe not that many, because most people don’t care if the FSP is open source. They’ll keep selling lots of CPUs because of fanboys.

What will AMD do if they open source it? It means, they might lose not very many Linux customers.

That isn’t the ME. I doubt you’ll be able to turn it off. It’s PSP on AMD. I thought that’s what people wanted the ability to turn off?

A Federal judge said WiFi sniffing is legal

Didn’t read the article, was searching to see if WiFi sniffing is legal.

The problem is, on the Kismet web interface, it says everything it’s finding, so then you’ll search for the cloaked MAC address. Then you’ll search for the BSSID. They are the only client on that BSSID, no idea what they are doing.

Somebody is doing some funny business

changed advertised encryption from WPA WPA-PSK AES-CCMP to WEP which may indicate AP spoofing/impersonation

There’s an alert in Kismet that says that. It says it all day long. Automated AP spoofing? No idea where they are. If they are in the building, somebody should report them. I won’t, because the data will be gone in an hour.

Disabled channel hopping, specified the channel my AP is on. Looks like other people are using that channel, my AP just can’t see very many 5 GHz APs. That should cut down on the amount of data. Might make the card more stable too.

Weird stomach flu

Not every dump is runny. But eating makes my stomach hurt.

On another note, I need a script to check if Kismet is working, if it says no driver found, rmmod and modprobe the driver, then restart Kismet.

It’s possibly related to the network thing, it might be doing something to the USB adapter.

Edit /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks/10-wpa_supplicant, like this says. They mention the wrong file, they put wpa- not wpa_.

What’s a Probe Response?

Sent a bunch to one MAC Address that isn’t mine. I just read the worst article ever, didn’t say the a response is, just what a request is.

Looks like it just says the info about itself.

I converted a .kismet to a pcap file. You can open it in Wireshark.