Is my main backup drive dying?

Super slow at accessing it in the file manager. Super slow at copying data from it to my new drive.

Nope, looks like a Deepin problem. Unless you try listing a directory with a ton of files and/or folders.

Looks like my Timeshift backup is running, the light on the drive it backs up to is blinking. Probably hogging all the bandwidth.

Sigma 30mm is a good lens

Might be cheaper then the 60mm. But I had the Sigma 30mm, sold it, thought it was to far zoomed in or something. Turns out, it wasn’t zoomed in enough. Sigma doesn’t make a 40mm lens, for micro four thirds.

Funny, I sold a Panasonic 25mm to Amazon, think it’s 25mm, ended up rebuying it. Should rebuy the Sigma 30mm, it’s cheaper then the 60.

The YI 42.5mm can’t be beat, if you use a flash

And you paid $100 or so for it used. Not sure it’s the best lens for $200 now, the Sigma 60mm for $209 might be better, it’s sharp everywhere. According to one review, possibly more reviews.

The YI might be worth $150 max. When they lower the price of it, they’ll sell a bunch.

But f1.8 is useless, a flash works way better. Therefore, if I was buying new, I’d buy a Sigma.

I might buy the Sigma anyways. Good thing my tray fits in my toaster oven now, I need all my money for a lens. I’ll only buy it this month if I sell my adapter, and possibly old video card. Got to leave as much money as possible in the bank.

I should of kept my Sigma 30mm. The problem was the old expensive not very good flash I was using. Or camera settings, or both.

Not sure if I used the Sigma 30mm on my E-M10. Probably did on the E-PM2 and 1.

Intel fanboys would pay $1,000 for just the CPU

So when AMD ceases to exist, enjoy paying $1,000 for one part. I’ll be using a ARM computer of some kind. That’ll be the only cheaper alternative.

Apple probably won’t use Intel CPUs when that happens, so Macs will be a good deal then.

Adorama doesn’t want my adapter?

I should buy the 60mm Sigma lens, it has good reviews.

Who cares about a UPS for two of my external drives, the power doesn’t go out much. The other two must be plugged into the main UPS. Are they plugged into a battery plug? To lazy to look.

Just asked for a custom quote on B&H for it.

Should trade my old video card in too, to a different site. They will give me $40, if I get at least $50 for the adapter, that’s almost $100.

Most of the reviews for the Sigma 60mm is for the Sony mount version. Probably the same glass though.

Wait until next month, then I don’t need to sell anything to buy it.

badblocks finally is done

Checking for bad blocks in read-write mode
From block 0 to 3907018582
Testing with pattern 0xaa: done                                                 
Reading and comparing: done                                                 
Testing with pattern 0x55: done                                                 
Reading and comparing: done                                                 
Testing with pattern 0xff: done                                                 
Reading and comparing: done                                                 
Testing with pattern 0x00: done                                                 )
Reading and comparing: done                                                 
Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found. (0/0/0 errors)

Took around 60 hours, for a 4 TB external hard drive. Maybe 62, it doesn’t say how long it took, after it’s done.

Can’t sleep, so waited for it to finish.

rclone says around 6 hours to copy everything from the first drive, then I have to format it, and copy everything back.

Why does it copy four files at a time?

How to set archive bit on FAT32 in Linux

mattrib +a S:/nsp/file.nsp

Should do the trick.

And you have to make a ~/.mtoolsrc file, see here.

Running without root didn’t work, then with sudo tried opening a floppy drive that doesn’t exist, so I copied ~/.mtoolsrc to /root, and used sudo su.

I assume it worked, didn’t say anything.

Oh yeah, spaces don’t seem to work. Says it can’t find the file if there’s a space.

Goldleaf doesn’t appear to support splitted NSPs, neither does the installer from TX. Copying it with Goldleaf might of been a mistake, frozen. Copying to the Tinfoil folder, not sure I still have Tinfoil on my card.

If Tinfoil doesn’t detect it, then the archive bit isn’t set. Do you need it on all the files or just the folder?

You can only copy and paste on the Switch homebrew, so I turned it off, and moved it on my computer, instantly, and set the archive bit for the folder and all the files in it. Well, now Goldleaf detected it as a NSP, and is installing it.

You can put the NSPs anywhere with Goldleaf, it has a file browser.

What I need to do, is make a script, that’ll put the archive bit on the folder specified and all files inside it.

But I got to go to bed after it’s done installing.

FILES=`ls "$1"`
mattrib +a "$LETTER:/$NPATH"
while read -r line; do
    mattrib +a "$LETTER:/$NPATH/$line"
done <<< "$FILES"

There’s a small Bash script, that’ll set the archive bit on the folder you pass to it, use the full path. Does all the files in that folder too.

I have to ask about my laundry now

She doesn’t tell me when it’s done anymore. Better off not doing it. I’ll be bored out of my mind when a lighting strike hits, and fries everything.

Last time I didn’t get it for days.

Maybe I don’t need another UPS

What will be corrupt if the power goes out on my new drive? Just whatever was writing to it? No writing, and it might be fine.

If it corrupts everything, then it’s kind of a useless backup without a UPS.

badlocks is on the last operation, might be done when I wake up, it’ll take over 60 hours. Unless it’s done less then 5 hours.

Ha, you need pure sine wave for external drives. That’ll cost $100 at least. My network stuff doesn’t seem to care.

So I guess it’s better, to let the power go out, and corrupt the drive. Since a non pure sine wave will damage it’s internal organs.

Key Point: UPS systems with Pure Sine Wave output provide superior compatibility with active PFC power supplies and other sensitive equipment, such as networking hardware and high-end audio/video components.

From here. Looks like my router and switch needs pure sine wave too. That’s a bummer, I’ll just get a surge protector, and plug it all into that.

Nice, UPS surge protectors are useless. Cause of the high volt range. Looks like I need a Series Mode filter, to plug my UPS into. How many can I plug into one?

$175 for one, and only two ports, 15 amps. That is probably enough power for two of the UPSes. That leaves one UPS. Where am I supposed to get $175?

My UPS is 1000VA, does that mean it’s useless for small surges?

Oh and the coax on my surge protector might be useless. Might be fine if you only have coax plugged into it.

My main UPS cost around $200. So it might be fine for surge protection. But the cheap CyberPowers might not be. You need everything with good surge protection, otherwise it can travel down the ethernet cables and fry everything else.

Looks like you have to pony up over $100 for proper surge protection for your UPS. You’ll start a fire if you plug her into a cheap surge protector.

Furman PST8, you might be able to plug a UPS into that, probably three. Or maybe not. It has enough plugs, but is only 15a. Ditch the UPS by the TV, get a cheap surge protector. Like the one my hard drive is plugged into.

To cheap to spend $144 on it though.

Apparently you need 1,000,000 joules of protection. The best option is to shut down, and unplug.

Here you go. You need what radio towers and what not have, that’ll be expensive, more then $144. Don’t waste $144 on the Furman. And equipment can still be damaged. That is also a lame site, disabling right clicking. Ctrl C works though.

How am I supposed to unplug everything if I’m not home? Good idea, don’t ever leave. Security camera is useless, if I unplug it and everything else.

That was easy

Just modified to check all NCA files, not just the biggest one. I should add a counter though, so it can tell you if all files are good or not, it does echo each NCA result.


echo Checking $1
SCRIPT_DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" >/dev/null && pwd )"
BASE_NAME=$(basename "$1")

pushd $SCRIPT_DIR &> /dev/null

if [ ! -f ./hactool ]; then
    echo No hactool binary found!
    echo You must place hactool binary to the script directory
    exit 1

if [ ! -f $KEYS ]; then
    echo No $KEYS file found!
    echo Get your keys first! Use kezplez on Switch or google it! 
    exit 1

if [ ! -d $TEMP_DIR ]; then
    echo Creating temp directory...
    mkdir $TEMP_DIR &> /dev/null

if [ "$FILE_EXTENSION" = "nsp" ]; then
    echo Extracting nsp...
    ./hactool -k "$KEYS" -x --intype=pfs0 --pfs0dir=$TEMP_DIR "$1" &> /dev/null
    echo Extracting xci...
    ./hactool -k "$KEYS" -txci --securedir=$TEMP_DIR "$1" &> /dev/null

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "Extracting finished!"
    echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    echo                           SOMETHING GONE WRONG!
    echo           file is not Switch game or contain forbidden symbols
    echo      rename your game file to simple name without special symbols
    echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    exit 1

NCAS=`ls $TEMP_DIR/*.nca`
while read -r line; do
    echo Checking $line...
    ./hactool -k "$KEYS" -y "$line" > $CHECK_LOG 2>/dev/null

    if grep -Fq "Fixed-Key Signature (GOOD)" $CHECK_LOG; then
        (( GOOD_NCAS++ ))
        printf "$GREEN"
        printf "\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n"
        printf "$BASE_NAME $line is GOOD!"
        printf "\n\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n"
        printf "$RED"
        printf "\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n"
        printf "$BASE_NAME $line is CORRUPTED!"
        printf "\n\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n"
    (( TOTAL_NCAS++ ))
done <<< "$NCAS"
if (( GOOD_NCAS == TOTAL_NCAS )); then
    printf "$GREEN"
    printf "\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n"
    printf "All $TOTAL_NCAS good."
    printf "\n\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n"
    printf "$RED"
    printf "\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n"
    printf "Only $GOOD_NCAS good."
    printf "\n\n------------------------------------------------------------------------\n"
echo -n Calculating md5...
echo -en "\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b"
if ! type "md5sum" &> /dev/null; then
    echo MD5: $(md5 -q "$1")
    echo MD5: $(md5sum "$1")


echo Cleaning things up...
rm -rf $TEMP_DIR

popd &> /dev/null

There’s the modified script if you want it.

You can find the newest version here.