Amazon "makes" UPSes now

Probably rebranded. But from who? CyberPanel is a dick, I bought one, tried fixing it by replacing the battery, the battery is almost impossible to attach. I probably could of brought it back without plugging the battery back in.

I need a UPS for my new external drive, possibly any other drive that isn't plugged into one. The computer UPS is probably full, for battery power, and the other UPS is too. I have another one, but I'd rather keep it over there. Even though it's not really needed over there.

Does my old one have cable jacks? The Amazon one doesn't, no surge protection if it doesn't have coax. Not enough plugs to leave the surge protector plugged in.

Bad reviews because it doesn't auto restart after getting power and it depleted the battery. I could care less about that. No idea if mine auto restart. The power might of never went out long enough.

Don't need a cable jack, just move the surge protector, plug it in where the fan is plugged in. The fan isn't in use. Does the fan really need to be plugged directly into the wall?

Good idea, buy that UPS instead of the Switch controller, I think it's slightly cheaper.

If you plug a vacuum cleaner into it, will you start a fire? I don't vacuum, but my sister does. It doesn't seem to matter if you plug it into a surge protector. There's only like four things plugged into the surge protector.

Where is the software? Wondering if there's a Linux version. Says it's below, but I don't see it. Found it, and Windows and Mac only.

Don't really need the software. Well, maybe to disable the alarm. Just attach it to the Windows VM, change the settings, and hope the program doesn't need to be running for the settings to work.