Are those USB adapters only supported in Kali?

Cause I don’t plan on running a hacking orientated Linux distro on anything.

Just want to see who’s trying to connect to my AP. Since my AP won’t tell me, just says how many failed attempts. Might be cheaper to get an AP that tells you.

Well, if it doesn’t work, you can find the patches for it, and make it work.

Here’s a driver for the RTL8812AU. There’s some site that sells a generic one for $30. Does Amazon have a cheapo one? I don’t buy stuff from sites advertised for cracking my WiFi. I don’t like WiFi crackers.

No aircrack-ng will be installed, just Kismet.

Amazon has one for $20, doesn’t say Linux is supported, but it’s the same chipset.

You can get it for $15, but it takes 7-20 days.

Good idea, search Google and see if there’s a way to see more details on the failed login attempts on my AP. It has SSH, and the router is made by the same people, I put something custom on that, something so I can see the PS4 from my phone, it can see it, but can’t connect.

/var/log/messages might say something, if it shows a MAC address that isn’t mine, it’s the culprit.

Got to enable SSH to see. I don’t leave it enabled, because I’m paranoid. If somebody gets on, then they can have a blast brute forcing the SSH on the AP. Or set it up to use a key instead of a password, then it’ll be as much fun as brute forcing this server.

Type cat /var/log/messages | grep host, otherwise you’ll have to look at a bunch of unrelated stuff.

Ha, the AP thinks it’s September 19th.

Log doesn’t go back far enough. Going to give it internet access, in case it uses NTP to set it’s time.

Changed the default rule for the wireless VLAN to drop. The AP can ping Google, but not my desktop. I had the order wrong, if you add it before the wired drop rule, then it will allow it talking to the wired network. Apparently it didn’t cancel it out by the rule under it.

The time is right on the AP now. Logging in with they key works, does it work without it? Yes it does, how do you disable passwords?

I had to use sudo -u unifi to test it, using ssh -i someotherfile, didn’t work. Nope, you can’t disable password logins.

Looking in /var/log/messages is cheaper then buying a USB card. I’d have to use my old possibly has issues USB hub. I might do it someday. I’ll buy a Pi Zero or 3 B+ after I sell one or both of my old phones.