How to set archive bit on FAT32 in Linux

mattrib +a S:/nsp/file.nsp

Should do the trick.

And you have to make a ~/.mtoolsrc file, see here.

Running without root didn't work, then with sudo tried opening a floppy drive that doesn't exist, so I copied ~/.mtoolsrc to /root, and used sudo su.

I assume it worked, didn't say anything.

Oh yeah, spaces don't seem to work. Says it can't find the file if there's a space.

Goldleaf doesn't appear to support splitted NSPs, neither does the installer from TX. Copying it with Goldleaf might of been a mistake, frozen. Copying to the Tinfoil folder, not sure I still have Tinfoil on my card.

If Tinfoil doesn't detect it, then the archive bit isn't set. Do you need it on all the files or just the folder?

You can only copy and paste on the Switch homebrew, so I turned it off, and moved it on my computer, instantly, and set the archive bit for the folder and all the files in it. Well, now Goldleaf detected it as a NSP, and is installing it.

You can put the NSPs anywhere with Goldleaf, it has a file browser.

What I need to do, is make a script, that'll put the archive bit on the folder specified and all files inside it.

But I got to go to bed after it's done installing.

FILES=`ls "$1"`
mattrib +a "$LETTER:/$NPATH"
while read -r line; do
    mattrib +a "$LETTER:/$NPATH/$line"
done <<< "$FILES"

There's a small Bash script, that'll set the archive bit on the folder you pass to it, use the full path. Does all the files in that folder too.