iPhone SE sold for $45

I only paid around $50 for it, I had to buy a month of service too.

Somebody offered me $45, $5 less then what I listed. Now let’s see if they actually pay, might of been a dummy account, from a different seller, to stop the competition.

If that’s the case, I won’t accept offers when I relist it from a no paying buyer.

Nope, not a serious buyer. Asking questions, which they should of done before putting an offer in. Also, sending your phone’s IMEI is probably a bad idea. Can they report it as stolen? Proof they are using their dummy account.

They can apparently clone a phone if they have the IMEI number. Replied, no IMEI was given though.

They can use your IMEI on a phone with a bad IMEI, and then your phone will be rendered useless. It’ll say already activated.

“You can cancel it”, not really, I just sent a cancellation request. They probably won’t agree to it though. Maybe even decline it, making me wait until I can open a non paying dispute or whatever.

They will be mad at me for not falling for their scam. So they will make me wait. Guess I’ll put the X4 on eBay.

Interesting, they just paid.

They can still dispute the payment. What I read, said you can send it after they pay. They might wait for me to ship it before disputing it. Well, the jokes on me.

Haha, they just denied my cancel request. Funny though, she said to cancel it.

There’s a bad buyer with a close address.

Will it work on some other carrier in some other Country? Cause the address is for Usa2Georgia.

It might, because the SIM adapters let you use a phone in a different country.

Why did I lookup the address? Because their English seems to be lacking, the way they talk. Had a feeling it was one of those places that ship stuff from here elsewhere. Now to lookup SIM adapters. It’ll suck if it doesn’t work, and they leave bad feedback.

Or did they just buy the phone to use the number on a stolen device? Not much I can do about that. Guess they wanted the number, cause they are in Georgia. But I thought you could use a stolen iPhone in a different country.

Well, enjoy the phone, it might not work on their cell network though. Or do they have a source to unlock it that I don’t know about?

The only way the adapter worked for me, is by having it activated on Straight Talk, then using the adapter, if Straight Talk expires, and you reset the phone, the adapter won’t work anymore. You probably have to pay for another month of service, then use the adapter again.

Not quite enough money for a Pi 3 B+.

The phone itself probably works in Georgia, problem is, it’s locked to Straight Talk. Bad feedback for me, if it doesn’t work.