Maybe I don't need another UPS

What will be corrupt if the power goes out on my new drive? Just whatever was writing to it? No writing, and it might be fine.

If it corrupts everything, then it's kind of a useless backup without a UPS.

badlocks is on the last operation, might be done when I wake up, it'll take over 60 hours. Unless it's done less then 5 hours.

Ha, you need pure sine wave for external drives. That'll cost $100 at least. My network stuff doesn't seem to care.

So I guess it's better, to let the power go out, and corrupt the drive. Since a non pure sine wave will damage it's internal organs.

Key Point: UPS systems with Pure Sine Wave output provide superior compatibility with active PFC power supplies and other sensitive equipment, such as networking hardware and high-end audio/video components.

From here. Looks like my router and switch needs pure sine wave too. That's a bummer, I'll just get a surge protector, and plug it all into that.

Nice, UPS surge protectors are useless. Cause of the high volt range. Looks like I need a Series Mode filter, to plug my UPS into. How many can I plug into one?

$175 for one, and only two ports, 15 amps. That is probably enough power for two of the UPSes. That leaves one UPS. Where am I supposed to get $175?

My UPS is 1000VA, does that mean it's useless for small surges?

Oh and the coax on my surge protector might be useless. Might be fine if you only have coax plugged into it.

My main UPS cost around $200. So it might be fine for surge protection. But the cheap CyberPowers might not be. You need everything with good surge protection, otherwise it can travel down the ethernet cables and fry everything else.

Looks like you have to pony up over $100 for proper surge protection for your UPS. You'll start a fire if you plug her into a cheap surge protector.

Furman PST8, you might be able to plug a UPS into that, probably three. Or maybe not. It has enough plugs, but is only 15a. Ditch the UPS by the TV, get a cheap surge protector. Like the one my hard drive is plugged into.

To cheap to spend $144 on it though.

Apparently you need 1,000,000 joules of protection. The best option is to shut down, and unplug.

Here you go. You need what radio towers and what not have, that'll be expensive, more then $144. Don't waste $144 on the Furman. And equipment can still be damaged. That is also a lame site, disabling right clicking. Ctrl C works though.

How am I supposed to unplug everything if I'm not home? Good idea, don't ever leave. Security camera is useless, if I unplug it and everything else.