My UniFi AP should support active PoE

It was delivered at the beginning of this year. The only thing that looks like a date code, is on the PoE injector, which is higher then what their site says it needs to be, to support it.

Problem is, PoE managed switches aren't cheap.

Do they make a three port one? One to connect to the main switch, then another switch for the wired network, that's the dummy switch, and then the AP.

The Zyxel is $60. Remember reviews on my AP, saying something about the PoE, something to do with the voltage. That's only 5 ports, I paid that much for a non PoE, 8 port one.

If you don't want 1000 Mbps, there's a Amcrest for $40. And I think that's a dumb switch. Already got one of those. Not PoE though. There was some A brand somebody mentioned on Reddit.

It's cheaper to use two long ethernet cables, like I'm doing. One for the AP power injector, and the other for the dumb switch.

For some reason, I don't want to buy the $25 5 port Zyxel managed switch.