Nice, Amazon has a 32 GB Samsung micro SD card for $6

It’s an add on item. Need that for the old Pi with the broken camera connector.

Sucks though, the camera cable costs more on Amazon, you do get two I think. But it’s still just a cable. The cable the kit comes with is very short.

I buy Samsung flash, not their phones or TVs though. Their flash is better then SanDisk, and SanDisk is owned by WesternDick, so probably even worse now. They probably decreased the speed of all SanDisk products. I had a SanDisk flash drive fail, so saying they are the most reliable is a lie.

It would cost $47.84 after tax. Kit + cable + micro SD card. I can get a Pi 3 B+ kit for around $50, probably $60 after tax. Wouldn’t need the cable though, I assume the other cable the camera came with works. Even the one I think is broken might work.

Might not need the micro SD card either. It has more RAM, so I can probably run both things on it.

If only I sold my old phones. Might not leave enough money in the bank for the Pi 3 B+.

Looks like I should sell my phones first. The Zero W won’t work anyways, the built in WiFi might not do 5 GHz. You basically need a USB 5 GHz capable WiFi adapter, that’s like $50.

They have money to crack WiFi, but not pay $10 or $15 a month for internet. If they live in the building, they should qualify. That means they are doing something illegal.