49 Hours

That’s how long badblocks has been running. Will probably take 70 hours to finish, it’s on the last pass, first it tests a pattern, then it reads and compares.

Tonka stepped in shit

There was shit on her cool pad, dog bed, and the carpet. She went in my room to lay on her dog bed, when I was trying to wipe her foot off.

Hopefully she only got shit on one foot. Should probably start cleaning her poop up again, had my gloves on, and it’s risky, you might step in dog shit cleaning her poop up.

I learned my lesson about cleaning shit up when there’s snow, there’s shit under the snow, so you’ll be wiping shit off your boots.

Doesn’t really work, if only some people clean up after their dog. I’m surprised anybody has dogs in this shithole city.

T-Mobile is launching a TV service next year

If you can’t record to your computer, using any program you want, it’s useless.

I’ll gladly keep paying for HDHomeRun if you can’t. It’ll probably cost more anyways. I get $10 off every month until Disney channels are back.

If it’s delivered over their cell towers, then people might want it. If it’s your home internet, then enjoy watching only 1 TB worth of TV. I barely watch TV, so it doesn’t matter to me.

HDHomeRun Premium TV might look better

I was watching South Park today. I doubt they changed the resolution, they might of increased the bitrate though. Seemed to look better. Maybe my eyes got worse, so now it looks better.

The problem with buying external hard drives

Checking for bad blocks on the drive takes a long ass time. You have to do so, because most external drives have some bad reviews.

You still might get screwed, if it passes, but then gets bad blocks in the future. You could run it without the mode that wipes it. It’s still recommended to have backups, it will be a backup drive.

It won’t be an actual backup for a while, have to copy data to it, then format the drive I copied from, then copy it back. I have two drives I need to do that on. Using NTFS in Linux is a bad idea.

What did I do to her?

The person that lives by me. She doesn’t say anything to me anymore.

Somebody farther down the hall, doesn’t say anything much either.

I do wonder if she’s moving, she’s almost never here anymore.

I should get a bigger toaster oven

So I can cook nachos in it. They taste fine in the microwave, but probably way better in a toaster oven.

I have a regular oven, I only use it for pizza though.

There’s a BLACK+DECKER on Amazon for around $50, that is extra wide, that should fit a pan. Maybe even a bigger pan then I have.

Just measured, there’s enough room. Should be wide enough.

I like Hamilton Beach though, they have one for $60, that’s probably bigger.

That’s the internal dimensions. In that case, something might need to be moved.

Good idea, buy a smaller pan, that’ll fit.

Do you need the food catcher tray? There’s a removable crum thing on the bottom, but there’s a food catching tray above it. If I take the food catcher out, I can put the rack thing on the bottom, and then the pan fits, without having to put the pan near the top, which causes whatever I’m cooking to get burnt. Maybe you only need that if you are putting it directly on the rack.

I need to delete my Dropbox account

They never gave me the ability to share files after deleting the file that some bot said was copyrighted.

Or Neat Image profiles are copyrighted, even the ones you make. Only Neat Image can share em.

Deleted it. It’s useless if you can’t share anything.

There’s no point in buying a new camera

It won’t make the pictures better. Somebody on a forum said, the photographer takes the picture, not the camera. In a reply to somebody that shared pictures taken with a E-PM1, I had one of those, gave it to my sister.

Didn’t look at their pictures, pictures were disabled.

I need a new photographer, that’ll make my pictures better.

If I want 4k video, buy a cheap YI action camera.