PANASONIC LUMIX GX9 says the video isn't as good as other Panasonic cameras. That's their opinion though.

Better then my camera, it only does 1080p almost 30 FPS. That camera does 4k, don't know how many FPS.

I'll need something to buy in 180 days, think that's how much time they have to dispute it, my eBay listings.

I might decide to delete my eBay and PayPal account before then. Jokes on the scammer(s) if I do that. Jokes on me, when I get a letter from PayPal. Do they even let you close your account if somebody sent you money that is still eligible to dispute it?

Olympus is taking to long to release a new OM-D E-M10. But the latest one does do 4k, so that would be better, and cheaper.

You can't use it for selfies? Bullshit, that's what tripods are for. Does it have a WiFi app like my Olympus? That makes it even easier with a tripod. Wait, that might be called a portrait, not a selfie.

It has WiFi, so you might be able to easily take nude photos of yourself. There's an app for iOS, probably Android too.

The Olympus does HD 120 FPS. Is that 720p or 1080p? Either way, the Panasonic does no video at 120 FPS.

Might not buy anything next month/year

Got to save $100 a month, until the eBay scammer(s) file a dispute. That way, when I lose the dispute, I won't care, as I'll have over $400 in my savings. Might not even need to take money from my savings, depending on when they dispute it.

My UniFi AP should support active PoE

It was delivered at the beginning of this year. The only thing that looks like a date code, is on the PoE injector, which is higher then what their site says it needs to be, to support it.

Problem is, PoE managed switches aren't cheap.

Do they make a three port one? One to connect to the main switch, then another switch for the wired network, that's the dummy switch, and then the AP.

The Zyxel is $60. Remember reviews on my AP, saying something about the PoE, something to do with the voltage. That's only 5 ports, I paid that much for a non PoE, 8 port one.

If you don't want 1000 Mbps, there's a Amcrest for $40. And I think that's a dumb switch. Already got one of those. Not PoE though. There was some A brand somebody mentioned on Reddit.

It's cheaper to use two long ethernet cables, like I'm doing. One for the AP power injector, and the other for the dumb switch.

For some reason, I don't want to buy the $25 5 port Zyxel managed switch.

Go to bed early?

That's a good idea. But I have to wait for badlocks to finish, so I can start rclone. Does rsync check checksums?

rclone is more simple, you don't need to read the help or man page.

How do morbidly obese people tie their boots?

Bending over fucks my breathing up. To out of shape to bend over it. Good thing I don't have anal sex, on the receiving end. I'd pass out from the lack of oxygen.

I'll get more care giving hours, if I don't start exercising. I'll need somebody to wipe my ass, and tie my boots. I'll also need them to lift my head up for me. Once all the muscle in my body goes away.

Or I'll be in a nursing home, unable to move, thanks to no muscles. Probably be blind too.

Going to the doctor is for strong women. They don't make strong men.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub 4TB External Desktop Hard Drive

Over 70% done running badblocks, and zero errors so far.

Looks like I was right, WD and Seagate fanboys are at war with each other. They buy the other brand, and then post a bad review. Or a lot of people have bad luck. Probably most people that have no issue, don't post a review.

It came with some Adobe thing, don't know what CC is. Consumer cock?

Probably doesn't work in Linux, so it's useless to me. I don't do photo editing in Windows, that's for games only. And the software for my Logitech remote. There's plenty of photo editing programs for Linux, no need to use a Windows and Mac only program.

Over six hours, and it's not done yet, maybe it'll be done in a couple more hours.

On the back of the box, it says you can charge your devices with the USB ports. So all they do is charge? I could plug my USB powered fan in it. If it can charge a phone, it should have no problem powering a fan.

Well, now I know why it takes so long. That was only the first operation. Now it says "Reading and comparing". It should be done in another 7+ hours. So when I wake up. Almost took 8 hours to write. Probably take just as long to read.

The drive doesn't support SMART, just like my old Seagate external drive. At least not with smartctl.

Warranty Valid Until February 28 2021

According to Seagate's site. Got the serial with "lsblk --nodeps -no serial /dev/xxx".

Might take almost 6 hours. But seeing as my math didn't work out the first time, probably at least 7 hours.

There's a big non runny dump

Wonder if I lost any weight. I'd have to take my clothes off to find out. Otherwise, the answer would be no, unless I lost 10+ pounds.

badblocks is running

Got a Seagate 4 TB drive. Before putting stuff on it, I'm checking it for bad sectors. If it finds anything, I'll send it back, and get a replacement.

Not convinced it'll take days, over 3%. That might be for the bigger drives, like the 8 TB, maybe the 6 TB.

It has two USB ports on the front, are they 3.0?

I like how it's skinny, I didn't have to move anything to put it on my desk. Feels like there might be a fan too. That's a small fan if there is one.

About 0.263157895% a minute. Almost 380 minutes to complete. That's around six hours, not bad.

No email from Adorama

Guess they don't want my adapter. Doesn't really matter, not buying a new lens anyways.

They are Democrats, so they are bad

That's the problem with politics in the US, different views, are always at war with each other.

Do they even know what the US is supposed to be? They say a democracy, but not really.

The US is a conspiracy, they want it to look like the best most humane country, but there was some other reason to found the US. Freedom of religion was just a cover, for who knows what.

The US is only humane to US citizens, 8 year old non US, don't matter.

New Ancient Aliens next Friday

Good thing I still get the History channel. All the Disney channels are gone, I'll be getting a $10 credit every month, until they are back. That's why I can't record Property Brothers anymore.

Might not buy a new lens

Just took some pictures with my big powerful flash. If you point it up, you have to increase the power.

If I step down the aperture anymore, I might need a new flash. If I want to point it up that is.

That big flash is way better then the popup flash.

The YI 42.5mm is probably the best lens for $100 or so, that is used. Don't pay $200 for it new, just pay $50 more for the Olympus 45mm, or $10 or so more for the Sigma 60mm.

Do I really need a sharper lens? The subject is sharp, that's all that really matters.

The other good thing about a hot shoe flash, it has it's own batteries, the popup flash might drain the camera's battery faster.

Am I getting money tomorrow or Monday?

When will other Chinese companies make micro 4/3 lenses with auto focus? Not sure YI is Chinese, might be Taiwan.

There's a to much power for the flash picture. If the flash was pointed up, or the ISO lowered, it might of been fine.

Would make more sense to buy the Sigma 60mm, don't have 120mm lens.

Funny, the flash I use now, was cheaper then the one it replaced. The other one might of been more compact, but no screen, just little bars for the power. Godox is way better then Nissin.

I should buy another flash, and some radio transmitters. Some Godox flashes have a built in radio.

I have the Godox TT350O. Is the one on B&H a new model? Don't remember mine having a built in radio. If it does, that's cheaper then a new lens, under $100 for that flash.

Looks like it does have a built in radio. You can make it a slave, and there's some multi mode.

Where are you supposed to put the other flash, behind them? Well, you won't need as much power from either of them. If they are the same distance. What happens if the flash power is different?

If I buy the YI camera, I can update my 42.5mm lens firmware. But it might already be updated.

Does YI plan on making any new lenses? Just make it slightly bad, so somebody will decide they don't like it, and sell it to me for $100. Or maybe they didn't like the focal length, or they needed money.

Why does she bother interacting with me?

If she dislikes me so much she can only tolerate me if she drinks?

The problem with alcoholics, they don't know they have a problem. Drinking a bottle of wine every night, isn't very healthy. She complains about her weight, yet continues to drink. She even said alcohol is fattening.

That trade in site will only give me $15 for my Intel 600p NVMe SSD

It didn't ask for the type of SSD. Just the size. That's all it's worth? Better off keeping it, in case I get a mini computer of some kind, that can use a NVMe SSD.

They will give me $40 for my old video card. Would need a box to ship it in though.

It was never overclocked, non damaged. It was used for mining for three months though.

Says a free trade in box is available. I'll wait until I see how much Adorama will give me for my adapter, possibly nothing.

142 bots blocked

From my Slice. According to ipset list. That's a lot of failed login attempts. I do ban for a day though.

A lot of them might be using something that won't work, because there's two step verification. Can't use the WordPress app, I'd have to make a password for it or something.

I really need to stop eating

That should solve runny dumps and stomach pain. Last time I had a runny dump, there was no stomach pain.

Was it runny that time? Didn't examine it that closely. There was some splashing when something came out.

Problem with not eating, is you'll get hungry most likely.

The dump I just took was definitely runny.

How did my Slice get faster?

I didn't do anything. Maybe the block storage was slow, and they fixed it.

They did have to run fsck and stuff on it. I still should upgrade, so I can hammer one core 24/7. I'll get throttled to 25% or whatever if I do that on the plan I'm on.

All the sites are on the block storage, the /home is on block storage. That's where all the sites live.

Can I sell my expensive adapter on Amazon?

If there's a listing maybe. Other people sell used stuff on there.

Not paying $40 a month to sell one thing that might sell for $70, that's a rip off.

Adorama will send me a quote soon. If it's $50 or more, I'll take it.

How should I sell all my film lenses? Donate em to Goodwill or something. To much work to sell em. Some of them people probably won't want anyways.

Rokinon RK50M-MFT-SIL 50mm

Is that sharper then the Olympus 45mm? If it isn't, it shouldn't cost more.

The Olympus is razor sharp, according to somebody on a forum. Apparently manual focus at 50mm f1.2 isn't fun for snapshots.

You can get a Sigma 60mm used for $140. That should have auto focus.

I had a Sigma 30mm, should of kept it. Is 30mm enough? That's less then 80mm in 35mm format.

That used one has small dust. Better wait until February and buy it new, or the Olympus new. Or sell my adapter for $70. Not on eBay.


Grandpa said a long time ago, when I was going to buy a Canon DSLR, that I should get a lens less then 50mm. Some of his pictures were 40mm.

Couldn't find any lenses less then 50mm, if there are any, they probably cost a fortune.

Glad I got a micro 4/3 camera instead. Lenses might be cheaper.

Also, 50mm on micro 4/3 is 100mm in the 35mm format. The crop factor is 2x. I wouldn't get anything less then 80mm.

I think my Panasonic is 25mm, so that's 50mm in 35mm format. I used to use it as my primary lens, but the focal length sucks. I like 40mm+.

Actually, I don't think he wanted to answer the question. Asking him a question is a big no no.