Finally got an IP on the Raspberry Pi Zero W

I plugged a USB ethernet adapter into a OTG adapter. Problem is, I forgot to change one thing on the Switch, so it wasn’t getting an IP. Think DHCP is disabled for the non VLANs.

Well, better take the dog outside. Maybe it’ll be done updating when I get back, yes it’s slow.

Must of clicked the power button on my desktop, turned off. Had to put the Pi Zero on top of it, so it can see the door.

Their instructions don’t say where the camera option is, I found it. Don’t remember where it was though, it’s rebooting.

No runny dump today yet

Went once, wasn’t runny. Went again, wasn’t runny. Usually the second time I go it’s runny, if it doesn’t happen the first time.

Maybe they got explosive diarrhea from me. Well, except mine is only once a day. Not all day long. He needs a bath every time it happens.

Amazon’s probiotics don’t taste horrible

If they work, like the other ones, then I’ll be buying them from now on. The TruNature or whatever from Costco, taste horrible. I guess you could throw it down your throat, instead of putting it on your tongue and swallowing it.

Some show my mom was watching, said some probiotics are useless, because they don’t get past your stomach acid.

Amazon Brand – Solimo Probiotic 5 Billion CFU, 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 2 Month Supply

Oh yeah, there’s a Fallout 76 update today

The PC update is around 30 MB, I think the console version is 3 GB. Glad I didn’t buy the PS4 version, I’d be using even more of my data on Comcast. Got to love data caps.

The servers should be back on by now.

The update was around 40 MB. Did they actually get rid of most of the stuttering? The last bit of stuttering could be VM related. I don’t want to isolate any cores for it, then Linux doesn’t get to use them, unless I reboot and disable the isolated cores. There might be a command to use the isolated cores & threads, but that’s a pain.

Why Wi-Fi calling doesn’t like 5 GHz

If the signal dBm is to crappy, then it’ll switch back to cellular.

According to somebody on AT&T’s forum, I assume that applies to all Wi-Fi calling.

5 GHz doesn’t fly as far as 2.4 GHz.

“decibels relative to a milliwatt” What does that mean?

No women try talking to me anymore

Looks like they all gave up. The only women that talk to me, are ones that live in the building, if they are saying hi to me.

There was a woman a while ago, that said hi to me, that doesn’t live here. She might of been trying to say good morning, but she was to far away to hear clearly.

iOS doesn’t do Wi-Fi calling on 5 GHz WiFi?

Looks like it does, just super slow at connecting. Phone finally disconnected after disabling the 2.4 GHz channel.

Kind of odd, as it said I was on 5 GHz, after I was done in the bathroom, I took my phone out of my pocket, and I was disconnected from the WiFi.

I was disconnected long enough to generate an alert, got an email saying I connected.

If you want to troll a WiFi cracker, change your 2.4 GHz SSID to “password_changes_every_5s”, and of course change the password every 5 seconds. If they can see your stuff connected to the 5 GHz, except all of it to get knocked off. They will retaliate, for changing your password every 5 seconds.

If there’s a problem with my phone’s WiFi, I’ll know tomorrow. One day it started disconnecting at 2 or 3 am. Got a bunch of emails saying it connected. Might not be phone related, might be crappy AP related.

The water tester I bought from Amazon is useless

It isn’t for ZeroWater filters, the one it came with says 002, the one from Amazon says 0. Looks like it doesn’t do 00x, just 0 and up.

They should of said that in the description, or maybe it did, and I didn’t read it.

The one it came with, is semi broken, the battery died, so put a new one in, you have to hold the button on for a while to get it on, and the same to turn it off. And it takes a long time to get a reading.

The tester from Amazon works with tap water.

In the title it says 0-9990ppm.

Here’s one that shows 0.00 on it’s screen.

Here’s one that says 0.01 in the title.

Do I have to calibrate the one I bought? One of the above, requires calibration. No it doesn’t, says factory calibrated. Guess it just doesn’t do 00x.

Around $11 for one that says 000, looks like my ZeroWater one, except no hold button.

I could buy it, but I don’t want to spend any money. Cause $11 will make me broke.

100 KB/s or less

Does BuyVM oversell the shit out of their network? Or is my VPS busy?

Or I need a new mirror. Was downloading fast, then went under 200 KB/s.

It should be selecting an URL based on what returns. Apparently it picked a slow mirror. Or it’s a BuyVM problem.