Banana Pi 24 core server

so unless the company is using an announced processor, it has to be SocioNext SC2A11 processor also found in Linaro Developer Box.

Shouldn't that be unannounced? Or "unless the company isn't using".

How much will it cost? That should be fast enough for Kismet, maybe. Unless it only uses one core, in that case, it won't do any good.

The Linaro comes with a NVIDIA card, good luck using the proprietary driver with it. The open source one will most likely freeze your computer.


Grandpa's camera isn't better then mine

Not worse either. They are about the same. His could have better video, mine only does 30 FPS at 1080p. I suppose there could be a setting to change it. Wouldn't surprise me if it only does 30 FPS. It's two generations behind.

If you have Canon stuff, buy a Canon mirrorless camera, if you don't want to lug a DSLR around anymore.

I never bought a DSLR, I got a micro 4/3 camera instead.

I should of kept my E-PM2. There wasn't really any reason to buy a OM-D E-M10.

My camera has a popup flash? If they are talking about the little hot shoe one, I don't know where it is, or if I still have it. There's a Fuji with the flash built into the camera, that pops up from the body. Sad if my camera has a built in flash, I could of used it.

And it only does almost 30 FPS for 1080p, no resolution does more then 30 FPS.

Nice I'm an idiot, could of used a flash at Christmas, it does indeed have a popup flash. I just tested the flash, it works fine, even with the lens at f5.6 or whatever it was.

I forgot, because I have a giant powerful flash. That I probably don't need.

Probably won't buy the 7artisans now, images are sharper with a flash, you can use a faster shutter speed, I put it on A mode, the camera uses a good shutter with a flash.

Might buy it anyways, to compare.

Weird tasting chocolate

No idea what flavor that filling was.

Probably shouldn't keep eating it, if it has caffeine in it, that'll give me the runs. Good idea, buy one of those cold coffee drinks. They don't taste like coffee, but it'll give me the runs. Nothing like leaving a shit trail in the snow.

Now my water doesn't taste good.

On another note, there's one flash in the video I took, from my grandpa's flash for his camera. She said she saw flashes in it, I couldn't remember.

7artisans 55mm F1.4 APS-C Manual Fixed Lens might be the best lens you can buy for micro 4/3

Unless, you want to spend $500+ on a lens.

Looking at the picture, there's no f1.8 on the aperture ring, that means I'd have to step down to f2 or f2.8.

Review says it's sharp, if you step it down. Haven't seen any pictures taken with a micro 4/3 camera and that lens. Their sample pictures, you can't zoom in. That's the only way to know if it's soft like my YI.

Cons – Very stiff focus, nervous bokeh, a little ghosty wide open, overall not as sharp and not as much contrast as slightly more expensive lenses.

According to this. How much is the slightly more expensive lens? That should be $20-$40 more. But preferably no more then $10 more.

Don't shoot at F1.4 with that lens, look at her lips, soft. And the hair on the other side is out of focus.

What does very stiff focus mean? I can make something in my pants stiff. If that means it's hard to move the focus ring, that's fine with me, that means it won't get out of focus easily.

It does wonders at f8 outside. That would kill my flash's batteries. Not that I care, I have plenty of batteries. They say Rokinon is better. Not seeing a 40mm+ from Rokinon.

They do say it's just as good if not better then vintage film lenses. Another reason I should sell my expensive adapter.

Yup, the focus ring is stiff. No biggie. That'll keep her in focus.

Nowhere near as sharp as a $900 lens? Really? That's pretty bad then. It costs $119, and can't compete with a $900 lens, what a rip off.

You'll hallucinate if you look at the spiral on the sharpness image. Somehow it's moving.

The $900 is sharper in the center? is that even possible?

f4 to f8 is the sweet spot.

If I had $500, I could buy a Fujifilm camera. I like their name, Fuji. The 4k is useless on that, 15 FPS. Not even 30. You have to pay over a grand for good 4k. Why does Fuji have to cost more then Olympus and Panasonic?

How the fuck do you control bokeh anyways? Other then changing the aperture? Some of my pictures don't have much bokeh, and the aperture was f1.8.

There's a Rokinon 50mm f1.2, but it's $300. Might as well spend $50 less on the Olympus, with auto focus. Kamlan 50mm f1.1 might be sharper wide open, costs more though.

And the Rokinon is sharper in the corners. But that'll cost you. 7artisans is sharper then the Kamlan in the corners.

Looking at their $900 lens now. You can't zoom in, you'd have to buy the picture. Is it illegal to buy it, and then share it with everybody for free? They have freebie images. And her face is soft with that lens too.

Well, I might not know what soft is.

Look at the JPGs, not RAW, and you'll see the lens is probably just as good as the 7artisans. Guess I don't need to buy it then. Probably noise or something on their faces.

That means I can buy a switch, I don't really need. A long ethernet cable to the AP works fine.

Monitor goes to sleep now

Looks like my script running every five minutes did the trick.

I had to add -display :0 to the xset commands.

Every time I go into the kitchen to get more water, and eat candy that might give me the runs, the monitor goes to sleep.

vfs_monitor from deepin-anything works in kernel 4.20

Change time_to_tm to time64_to_tm, when compiling, it asks if you mean time64_to_tm.

---	2018-12-26 21:02:35.503969486 -0800
+++ vfs_change.c	2018-12-26 20:59:38.755454052 -0800
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@
 		time_t shifted_secs = vc->ts.tv_sec + hour_shift*3600;
 		struct tm ts;
-		time_to_tm(shifted_secs, 0, &ts);
+		time64_to_tm(shifted_secs, 0, &ts);
 		char temp[MIN_LINE_SIZE];
 		snprintf(temp, sizeof(temp), "%04ld-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:%02d.%03ld %s ",
 			1900+ts.tm_year, 1+ts.tm_mon, ts.tm_mday, ts.tm_hour, ts.tm_min, ts.tm_sec, vc->ts.tv_usec/1000, 

There's a patch file.

You can find the modified PKGBUILD and everything else here.

That breaks some older kernels. You might be able to add an if, so if the kernel is >= 4.20, it'll use time64. To lazy to do so, and don't care.

Self hosted image sharing is better

They can download the original JPG. Who knows what Google does to the JPG. If you want their free photo storage, you only get high quality.

Original quality is better.

The RAW files are even better, there might be enough space on the Slice block storage for em, Piwigo probably doesn't support em though.

There's a runny dump

Felt something on the way home. Sure enough, I had to take a runny and not runny dump. Both is better then just runny.

It's possible chocolate gives me the runs. I really shouldn't keep eating the free candy I got.

No cheese was consumed today.

Might need to take another runny dump.

Insignia™ - Medium Camera Shoulder Bag - Blue/dark gray

The Best Buy we went to had one left. Their site says you won't get it till the 3rd, at least not at the one we went to. If you want to drive far away, you can get it.

Everything fits, thought maybe another lens would fit in there too, don't think so. Maybe on top of the camera. The fish eye lens would.

Will the 55mm lens that I'll probably buy fit? Obviously not with the YI 42.5mm.

Didn't notice the compartment on the outside, on the lid. Moved all the batteries into that, they fit in there better. There's another compartment covered.

I only bought it because it was on sale for $25, normal price is $40. I still like the little bag I have, the one my mom might of bought me, don't remember if she did, or I did. It might have more compartments then the Insignia. Just not big enough for a big lens and flash.

Spent all the money my grandparent's gave me, case was $25, and I bought some non food stuff at Walmart. Or not people food, bought Tonka some food.

Pro life

The problem with abortion, is there's zero facts about when the soul enters the body.

So it's a belief, and the government should have zero say in it.

Somebody that had a near death experience met a sibling that died from a miscarriage.

That's the only evidence there is. Atheists will say they were hallucinating or something. So, if I hallucinate, I can meet my dead sibling? Think my mom had a miscarriage. That's some mighty fine hallucinating, they should make them legal, so everybody can meet their dead siblings.

Even soul is currently a belief. If you're an asshole, you shouldn't care if they kill their baby. That's more of an asshole thing to do then not letting them do it.

Good idea

Get a 5 port managed switch, and use my unmanaged switch too. A 8 port managed switch costs $60, for the Zyxel. The cheaper 8 port one is no longer for sell on Amazon.

And the 5 port is only $25.

Grandpa used a 40mm lens too

But he also used a flash, and a higher aperture. Not wider, that would be lower.

Flash might give you better colors.

Buy a smaller flash, don't think it'll fit with the 42.5mm lens though.

Go to Best Buy, and buy the Insignia bag, it's bigger. So my flash can fit in it.

Nice, it's on sale for $25, now I will buy it.

You can sort of fix white balance after taking a picture

If you save the RAW file. My camera is set to save both, RAW + JPG. The light was different where the cat was, I didn't set the white balance there, same room, but more then one kind of light in there.

Perfectly clear was also applied to that image.

Another good reason to use a flash, it'll get the white balance from your flash.

Easier to fix, if there's something that is supposed to be white in the picture, in AfterShot Pro, you can click white, and it'll adjust the white balance for you.

So if you aren't using a flash, make sure you put a piece of white paper in all your photos. If you are outside, you might not need a custom white balance, auto might work just fine.

The white balance might of been fine, just dark, and the lights over there, gave it a weird color.

Slices are out of stock on BuyVM

Does that mean I can't upgrade to the one with a dedicated core and 4 GB of RAM plan? Then it won't matter if Piwigo hammers the CPU 24/7.

Kismet will probably tell you why your phone disconnected

There's probably no real reason to use Nzyme, if all you want to know is why your phone disconnects.

If you don't use Graylog's supported distros, it's a pain to use, the AUR package is outdated, and systemctl won't start it.

Also, I'd need a new script, I don't want the management packets for APs that aren't mine, that's a waste of disk space.

I finally go to bed, and I can't sleep.

If I get unlazy, I'll use remote capture, so I don't need a Samba share to copy the files to everyday.

Phone still hasn't disconnected from my WiFi

And nobody has tried connecting to my AP.

I bet if I shut my Pi off, both will happen. And then I won't know why.

Do they make an alternative to Kismet? That only monitors your AP?

I think the way it captures stuff, it sees everything, don't think it can only watch one thing. They have another type of monitor, not active, forgot what it's called. The old Kismet might do it.


There's something called OpenWIPS-NG. Is it passive or active?

There's only one version, not sure when it came out.

Might switch to that, problem is, the Pi would only be a sensor, not the server. That would get rid of the backlog in Kismet. I think you can send the data from the one Kismet to another one. There's some setting.

Nope, not using, the only version was released in 2011. Also, I like the Pi smoking hot.

Here you go. Does it scan everything like Kismet? If so, might as well keep Kismet, but from their blog, Kismet might be useless for actually figuring anything out. Uses Java, you can install it on the Pi.

I like the sound of Graylog though, no need to convert it to a pcap and open in WireShark.

Then, I can ditch my shitty Samba share for Kismet. Can I store the logs somewhere else with Graylog? Cause my SSD is only 457 GB.

Kismet is shutdown. Now what's the IP of Graylog's web interface?

How long does it take for the web interface to come online? Maybe I shouldn't of put the SHASUM root password in the file.

When will the AUR package of Graylog get updated? Or is the newest version a beta or something?

I wouldn't recommend running it as root, it does work if you do that, but then it's root. The permissions are right, nobody. Does Manjaro make nobody not work?

Reinstalling it, that's easier then checking the permissions on everything.

Why can't nobody make folders? nobody:nobody owns it.

Running, "sudo -u nobody /bin/bash" as root, and then "mkdir /var/lib/graylog/data/journal/test" works. Works as my user too. Looks like Java is crap.

Fucking in a, I finally fixed it, whoever made the server, added an = to the config option for the data directory. You only need one = sign. I lied, the service script still doesn't work, but it worked running as nobody directly.

How do you make the service work? Seeing if the file it downloads has a service file in it.

It runs if you run sudo -u nobody command too. So making a script might work. Nope, same error.

Well, maybe sometime after I wake up, I'll try getting it to work, the newest version of graylog. Maybe I can install it on the Pi itself.

I'm not convinced Panasonic takes better video then Olympus

Maybe if you want 60 FPS. My four second video looks just fine, and that's with a $100 used lens.

It would be hard to manual focus and take a video. You'd have to be a Pro. Or maybe insane.

I won't be buying a new camera anytime soon, maybe once most cameras are 100 MP. Or past MP.

7artisans 55mm F1.4

Somebody said they make good lenses. But I doubt it's any better then the manual lenses I have. With the adapter I have, it makes the aperture wider.

Hard to get in focus, you have to use the viewfinder. Setting the shutter manually might help too.

That lens is cheap, $119 and you can get 15% off. On Amazon.

Might be smaller then my manual lenses. I have one cheap Chinese manual lens, for micro 4/3, no adapter.

If the center is sharp, it might be better then my YI lens. Well, faces might not be in the center, so I'd have to change the center.

Is 55mm to far zoomed in? My YI is 42.5mm.

Yup, that smokes my YI, according to the review, step it down, and you get sharp pictures. Step mine down, and it makes it darker, no sharper too.

I can get at least $50 for my fancy adapter. Problem is, eBay is full of scammers. So I'll probably keep it. And maybe buy that lens too.

What is the filter size on that? You can't zoom in the picture that might have it.

Is the Olympus 45mm really worth $250? Maybe if you want auto focus. Since the aperture is f1.4, you can turn it down to f1.8. Will that be sharp enough?

They have a 35mm f1.2 for more. But 35mm isn't zoomed in far enough. It has to be at least 42.5mm. Maybe 40mm.

The filter size should be 49mm. I'll get $50 or a little more off the lens. That's what I'll buy with the rest of my Xmas money. On the 1st.

Here's some samples. You can't zoom in though, so useless samples. Just want to see how soft at f1.4. But the cropped looks better then my YI, cheaper too, I bought it used for $100 or so, and it costs $200 new. Or it used to, you might as well spend $50 more and get the Olympus.

Video might be a pain with it, good thing I barely take any video, think the one today was 4 seconds.

Shutter speed wasn't high enough, or low enough. Perfectly clear makes them brighter, auto level kills the picture.

I might keep my YI lens, auto focus is nice. But that lens is probably sharper. But you have to fiddle with it to get it in focus.

Perfectly clear is nice, and so is Neat Image. I only edit the RAW files. The JPGs are good if no editing is needed. Don't know why I like dog pictures like that so much.

Why do you need a fast lens? Editing works like a charm.

I can see one reason to use a flash, moving subjects, blur if it's indoors.

Taking pictures is fun, if you use a 40mm+ lens. Otherwise, it's boring as fuck.

I could buy a slightly bigger camera bag. But I don't believe in using flashes anymore. That would be cheaper though, just think f1.8 with a flash. The flash is so if they move, it won't be blurry.

No flash is better, did my mom buy the small bag? Can't remember. It has a bunch of room for other smaller stuff. Flash is to big, especially with the 42.5mm lens.

Maybe I should switch to Arch Linux

Just make a fresh backup, and then when I install Arch, put /home on it's own partition, restore the home partition, and then reinstall everything.

There's probably a way to get installed programs, and then put them in a text file.

It's not putting the monitor to sleep after a certain amount of time, I have to click my hotkey to do it. Searching Google is 100% useless, as most of the time. Problem is, if the monitor wakes up, then it'll be on until I notice, I have to login for the hotkey to work.

It was on when I got home. I could just power off the monitor. No idea what the point in the power saving in Deepin control panel is.

xset s off
xset s on
xset s blank
xset s 60 60

That'll fix it, put it in a script, and have it run automatically every time you login, or use Cron, and run it every five minutes. Change 60 to the number of seconds to blank.

[Desktop Entry]

Put that in your .config/autostart folder.

I had to set Cron to run it every hour, monitor wasn't turning off again. It's possible the power management in Deepin is conflicting with it. Just changed Deepin to 1 minute like the script.

You might need -display :0 in the xset commands. Also, running it every five minutes now. The monitor was off when I got home. I used my hotkey though. But if it woke up, it might of went back to sleep. Computer might be psychic, and know when I'm sitting in front of it. Wouldn't blank unless I ran the script manually.

echo "Resetting blank settings."
xset -display :0 s off
xset -display :0 s on
xset -display :0 s blank
xset -display :0 s 60 60
echo "Reset."