No new CPU until next year

That’s when the 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs come out. Should get a new motherboard too though, as they might support PCIe 4.0.

To lazy to get a new motherboard, that means unplugging everything. Also, I might need to contact Microsoft to activate Windows in my VM. Unless, nothing changes in the VM. Never switched motherboards with a Windows VM.

CyberPanel Ubuntu beta

There’s a beta of CyberPanel for Ubuntu.

Somebody on their forum asked if Debian support was planned, and they said yes.

No idea why anyone would use Ubuntu.

I’ll probably keep CentOS, since I’m to lazy to reinstall everything, and then restore backups. CentOS is fine for a server. Who knows when Debian will be supported anyways.

Case manager came to my apartment

Needed me to sign some stuff. And he gave me some stuff.

He left me a message, but I didn’t ever call him back.

Well, now I know what happens if you don’t call him back.

Don’t bother asking my grandpa if he wants anything

He won’t want it, and the email he sends might appear to be angry.

So when I get a new iPhone, I won’t bother asking him if he wants it. That’ll be in probably at least two years. But I’ll probably keep the old iPhone as a backup.

I remember asking if they wanted an old TV, for free, and they didn’t want it, yet it’s bigger then one of the TVs they have.

Another good reason to not go to Christmas. To many pissed off people. Pissed off at me.

He also made it sound like I can’t sell the phone. A message that the bootloader was unlocked, doesn’t mean it’s broken.

Somebody sure likes trying to get on my WiFi

Why not connect to one of the many with WPS enabled?

Somebody is making a Linux “phone” with ethernet, except no cell modem, so no texting or calls on a cell network.

Does my AP have cron? If so, figure out how to disable the radios, and then disable it when I’m sleeping.

Losing Tonka will be like losing Buddy again

She’ll be 15 next year. That’s old for a big dog. No idea how long she’ll live.

I won’t get another dog. If they died in their sleep, I’d be more likely to get another dog. No dog and I won’t have to leave my apartment. What happens when the mailbox is full? Probably get evicted before then, for not going to the office to fill out the paperwork. Or dead, from running out of food.

If homosexual acts are sinful

Then heterosexual acts are sinful too.

You can’t say one way is, and one way isn’t.

Apparently that’s what Catholics believe. So gay animals are committing sins? Gay isn’t confined to people that “choose” to do so. It’s not much of a choice.

Unless, they are saying everybody is bisexual. That probably isn’t true either. Some people don’t belong to any sexuality label.

That’s one religion that won’t last, every new generation is smarter, soon under 1% of the world population will be Catholic.

Actually, nothing will last, a nuke will melt everybody in 2040. Oh wait, that might be Mars. So just stay here and get fried by global warming instead.

Think I’ll buy the Crucial P1 500 GB

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/nvme0n1p1  218G  199G  7.4G  97% /

To lazy to delete files. I’ll use Timeshift to make a snapshot, and restore it. Not spending $50 on a USB NVMe enclosure, that’ll only be used once. Except, I might need that, if it supports secure erase. Only one NVMe slot on my motherboard.

I should switch to Timeshift for my backups, instead of Restic. Can’t, doesn’t support NTFS drives. That’s what the backup drive is, and I’m to lazy to copy all data, format, and copy it back. Don’t think I have any drive that has enough free space anyways.

Not sure I really want to take the video card out. I’ll have to lay the computer down, which means moving the router, modem, and switch. Good luck screwing the NVMe SSD in with the case standing up. The slot isn’t vertical.

Good price, and I like Crucial.

The Crucial might be faster then my budget Intel, it was budget at the time. The Crucial costs less then what I paid for the Intel.

If I do get a NAS, I can copy all the backup drive data to it, then format it as ext4. That’s one thing that’ll be on the NAS, is backups. It can’t be the only backup, you need multiple backups. It can be the only backup for some stuff.

Apparently she can’t buy the phone now

Makes you wonder why she sent a text to my sister saying she still wanted it. Just to mess with me that’s why.

She could buy it if she wanted it. She never wanted it.

After I get some boxes, I’ll put it on eBay. Probably put the Moto X4 on eBay first, it might be worth more, didn’t pay much for the iPhone SE.

Why doesn’t my monitor go to sleep anymore?

Looks like the Deepin update broke itself.

sleep 1 && xset dpms force off

That works, so it’s a Deepin issue.

And it works now, changed it to 1 minute instead of 5 minutes. Also running xset might of fixed it. Now that in knows it can suspend the monitor.

I don’t use the Deepin distro, just the desktop environment, in Manjaro.

I was playing Fallout 76 in my Windows VM, and the it didn’t lock the screen in Linux, no suspend again. Only one monitor, but more then one input. The monitor should of been off when I switched. But the VM can also kill suspend from working.