Got to love the speed of a VPS with OpenLiteSpeed

The cheapest Slice from BuyVM. You don’t need more then 1 GB of RAM for a no real traffic site.

Got a Slab too, for extra storage. No need to pay for now. Uploading the full size file to Google, will use space. And also, Google will sell your data.

Only around 30 GB free on my backup drive

It’s a 3 TB Seagate NAS drive. In a USB 3.0 enclosure.

The price of the Crucial P1 went down again. I could buy it, but I’d rather keep money in the bank.

Maybe my grandpa wants my Moto X4. He has some cheaper Motorola phone. Sell it to him for $80.

Looks like the Crucial is that price from Crucial, assuming that’s who “Crucial (Micron CPG).” is. I’ll go to their site and see if it’s the same price, they have the 1 TB for $170, good price for a 1 TB NVMe SSD.

The 500 GB is the same price on their site. The 1 TB is too.

The 500 GB would cost $97.91 after tax. Problem is, I’d have to remove the new video card to install it, pain in the ass. Also, not enough space on my backup drive to backup and restore to the new drive. I could use a different drive.

I have to wake up to breathe

Got to manually breathe during the day too. Awake apnea and sleep apnea.

Why would I go to the doctor for a psychical? She doesn’t want to see my hairy dick.

That might be why I sleep until at least 12 pm.

You’ll only die if you don’t wake up. And you still might not die.


Looks like if you use that on the Pi Zero, you can open a web browser on a different device, and view it. Can ffmpeg record from that? Probably. Then I just need to modify my script, no need to share the cam folder.

Or use Motion on my desktop too, it supports HTTP.

Good idea, set the camera looking out window, and snap pictures and/or record video on all movement.

Well, now I know how I could use my existing ffmpeg command. You need to modprobe bcm2835-v4l2.

Why does she care if I buy the kids presents?

That’s at least $5 a kid, but more likely $10 a kid.

Also, it’s on a Tuesday. She doesn’t want me at her house on Tuesdays. Give them all $5, then they can buy whatever they want. $20 is better then $40.

I’ll have to send it by PayPal though, since I won’t be there on Christmas.

Reddit has a section for anime piracy

Interesting, isn’t that illegal? Allowing links to any kind of piracy? Also, the jokes on all the people worried about malware. Must be using Windows, and no sandbox of some sort.

So they block ads and get banned.

I block ads because they are annoying. I use Firejail too. I might accidentally click an ad if I don’t block em. That’s fraud, then the site owner will get banned from their ad provider.

What kind of anime is it? Porn? I’m not going to any of the sites.

CPU got up to 50C

While playing Fallout 76. I wonder what the speed of the fan was, and if it stayed there, or went back down.

The Fallout 76 B.E.T.A was useless, the game likes disconnecting, and usually runs like shit.

Will somebody make a AMD Ryzen embedded SBC?

You can play games with that, just look at SMACH Z.

The people that make the Intel SBC, were using Ryzen, I think they said it had good performance, but for some reason went with Intel.

I’d buy a Ryzen SBC. But I’ll probably buy the Intel one or the RockPro64. Depending on if the Intel one is in stock next year. And depending on how much money I have.

Looks like she doesn’t want the phone anymore

Funny, yesterday she said she still wanted it. Now she hasn’t gotten back to my sister.

She was just messing with me. She can’t mess with me on Facebook, I deleted my account, after she rejected my friend request.

I’ll put both of my old phones on eBay, after I get some boxes. Getting one box soon, not sure if it’ll be big enough.

There’s a semi runny dump

Looks like Raisin Bran, or cool whip did the trick. Or both. I ate a spoonful of cool whip, there’s nothing to put it on. It’ll go bad if nobody eats it, and it says eat it like ice cream on the lid.