She makes it sound like people are more important then dogs

Nope, no life is more important then any other life. All life is important.

She failed at making me think people are more important.

I personally think dogs are more important, by the way a lot of them act.

An old lady on oxygen? How about an old lady with arthritis?

How many single board computers am I going to have?

At least two. I’ll probably buy the Raspberry Pi 3, and a screen for it, so I don’t have to go on a wait list for the Pinebook.

It’ll cost more, but it will work for sure with Parsec.

I’ll probably get a RockPro64 too, for a NAS.

Was that dog shit on my shoe?

Looked like it. That means there was dog shit on the sidewalk, that shoe doesn’t go in the grass. I only put one shoe in the grass, that way when I step in shit, I only have to wipe it off one shoe. It’s like doing the splits, depending on how far away she poops.

I already knew there was shit on the sidewalk, looks like I failed to avoid it.

In this shit hole city, people don’t clean up after their dogs. Not even sure why they have dogs. You wouldn’t think Trump supporters would like animals.

The store I bought my Banana Pi R1 from is gone

Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.

Actually, I think my mom bought it for me, and I paid her back, nothing in my email when searching for it. Was that always the domain? I know it was tiny something.

Their Twitter was last updated in 2015.

Don’t think UniFi cloud works on ARM

Pretty sure it requires a library that is compiled for x86.

The ODROID-H2 uses an Intel CPU, pre orders sold out.

Might work, if you use Raspbian. Don’t think that works on the RockPro64.

I probably won’t buy anything until next year. I want the 6 TB drives, which are at least $130 a piece, from my favorite HDD seller. Refurbished for the $130 ones, or $150 for new unbranded ones. If I can buy the ODROID-H2 next year, I’ll probably buy it, it’s overkill for a NAS and UniFi controller, but it’s not much more then the RockPro64 4 GB. Except, it is after you buy two sticks of RAM, and a NVMe SSD. I’ll be buying the smallest NVMe SSD I can find.

They were going to use Ryzen, but for some reason didn’t. I’d rather have some kind of Ryzen CPU then Intel.

No UPNP configured on my router

Does that mean it’s off? As it isn’t listening on any interfaces. The article I read lied, the link doesn’t list my brand. Or I read it wrong.

I always disable UPNP, unless you have to manually enable it. Then you don’t need to do anything.

Well, Plex says it’s not accessible outside my network, after disabling the specify port. Sounds like UPNP isn’t on.

Nice, Channels DVR supports ARM

Download the file, and it looks like ARM is supported.

I doubt it would run very well on the Pi Zero. It would probably run fine on the RockPro64. Assuming you don’t need to transcode anything. You need an Intel CPU for hardware transcoding.

HDHomeRun network TV tuner
1GHz CPU (64-bit Intel, or 32-bit/64-bit ARM)
Large HDD for storing recordings
HDTV is on average ~8GB per hour

According to that, it has enough RAM, and I think it’s at least 1 GHz.