Tonka snapped at the kitten

I didn't see her do it, my mom did. She didn't see what the cat was doing.

Don't think Tonka will snap at a person. Apparently cats including kittens. She did so to the old cat, because she was rubbing up against her.

Apparently Chairman will let her sleep right by him. He might just be to lazy to move.

My iPhone 7's lens might be better then my YI lens

The YI was $100 or so used though. I paid over $400 for the iPhone 7, with a case.

It isn't better without a flash, well the sensor isn't. Depending on where you take the picture in my apartment.

Then again, if I use the flash, the camera is probably better.

I paid more for the iPhone then I paid for my camera. Bought the camera refurbished.

Tonka doesn't want to go outside

She was laying down looking at me. Then got up, and went on her dog bed. She didn't eat her food today either.

Is she going to go out before bed?

I got her to go outside. She doesn't want to, because something is beeping in the lobby. It's been beeping for days.

Can't decide if I should buy the new Battlefield game

Won't cost me any money, still have Amazon gift card money, and my grandparents gave me cash, which I put in the bank, sell service ATM.

Might play it once, but then never again.

Upgrade my Slice, then it won't use 100% of my RAM, when resizing images in Piwigo. And the core is dedicated, so they won't care if I hammer it.

YI lens is soft at f1.8

If you don't zoom in, you won't notice. Think I took over 80 pictures though.

I took pictures of everybody, except my grandpa. Should probably hide the ones of my mom, for when I share the pictures, she'll get mad.

Some of the pictures aren't as soft. Most are f1.8, on the camera lowering didn't seem to make it less soft, so I changed it back to f1.8.

Is it better then a point and shoot camera? If not, I should of bought a point and shoot camera, instead of the lens. Think I paid about $100 for the lens used. Good look getting f1.8 on a $100 point and shoot camera.

The bad thing is, it might make me want the Olympus 45mm lens more. Problem is, it costs $250, less then it used to.

That lens is good for video too.

Will lowering the resolution make it less soft? The video is only 1080p. That's a better solution then buying a $250 lens. Resizing the photo might do the same.

AfterShot Pro is dead, probably need to disable OpenCL. I did update that a while ago, probably didn't open AfterShot Pro after doing so.

Apparently I have no 3D acceleration anymore.

Same error in Blender, looks like the update killed everything. Put "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/" in front of the command, and it works.

I took 107 pictures.

Sucks you can't limit how many pictures to scale at the same time in Piwigo. If anybody views it on their mobile device, the server will probably crash. If two people do. I could look at the mobile version too, but I'm lazy.

Could tell Piwigo to resize after upload, problem is, I already uploaded everything. Only display one image on each page, problem solved, that would be 105 pages, two pictures hidden.

What rumor is being spread about me?

Surprised she never said Merry Christmas to me. She did say hi once.

Maybe the woman I ran away from, is telling everybody. Except, that happened a long time ago.

Or maybe she saw the picture on my other domain.

There's a runny dump

Probably from the scalped potatoes from Costco, they have a lot of lactose in em. Or I ate to much.

Another reason to stay home tomorrow, to much food, and I'll probably get the runs again. Just like on Thanksgiving, I had the runs two times over there, did I have the runs at home too?

TX apparently steals opensource software and can't make a bug free CFW

You'd think with not having to spend any time making anything original, there wouldn't be any bugs.

The only thing original is EmuNAND and XCI loading. Their XCI loading might be ported to other CFW someday, I think just a KIP is needed now.

SX OS is famous for being buggy. I only bought it, because it was the first CFW out, I think. Now I only keep using it, because it has EmuNAND.

Well, I don't actually use it, the Switch is never used anymore.

People use Mandriva forks?

Mandrake Linux was the first Linux distro I used.

I use Manjaro on my desktop. I should switch to Arch Linux, they provide updates faster.

That's the good thing about Linux distros. If enough people like it, it'll never die.

The screenshots on OpenMandriva's site don't show up.

Their gallery works, slowly. Why does their site link to 2016? Are they using shared hosting? They should get a Slice.

Download it, and make my own screenshots. Or steal their screenshots, and mirror em. Looks like it uses KDE. Deepin is better. Well, maybe not if you use a video card in x4 slot. Some of the animations are slow. Does have a somewhat recent kernel.

Got an email from BuyVM about their block storage

We wanted to give you an update on our Storage cluster.
As many of you have seen, we've had some issues where end user Volumes
require reattaching, have required a FSCK, or in a few rare cases, restoring
from user backups.
While the UPS dropping its power load is the main reason this all happened,
a lot of the blame falls squarely on myself for not laying out a "Plan Of
Action" to make sure the cluster was ready to come back online. Truth be
told, I simply panicked once I saw the amount of services affected and
started booting services as soon as possible.
While the filesystems that make up our cluster all claimed to be fine, that
really wasn't the case. A forced FSCK has been required to make sure things
are really OK. Unfortunately this wasn't realized until Sunday when issues
had already appeared.
Since then we've had to pause each storage node to run FSCK's and clear page
caches just to make sure things are in good shape. Physical hardware has
been inspected to make sure there's nothing damaged with full array
check/verify's being scheduled for Christmas Day.
An additional power feed (to round out our A+B configuration) has been
ordered and we expect it to be installed for this storage cluster within the
next 2 weeks, possibly even the end of this week. This power installation
won't require any downtime to complete. This should have been in place
before the cluster ever took any customers, but personal medical issues have
kept me preoccupied for much of the year, leaving a few projects like
We truly apologize to anyone and everyone that has had a rough few days with
us. I've personally spent over a year researching, designing, testing,
retesting, and finally putting live this past May. To say i'm upset that
something outside of our control has caused this big of a headache would be
an understatement.
We'll continue to work to assist any customers still having issues. We'll
also use our findings to better improve our Vegas offers, as well as our
future roll outs in both New York & Luxembourg.
Please don't hesitate to ticket for any support you require. While we're
short staffed for the holidays, I'll personally be around helping as best I
can when I can.
We'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holidays, and a
prosperous New Years.
Thank you,

What does a UPS dropping it's power load mean? Does that mean the UPS shut itself off?

Rare that you have to restore backups, I restored backups for all my sites, just in case. One site was semi broken. I couldn't login, it was all garbled.

I had to reattach the block storage today, woke up with 404 errors.

On another note, I might move /home back to the root partition. Just do ln -s for the folders with pictures on my gallery.

I was awake at 5:55 AM?

Pretty sure I was sleeping. Got an alert email, that my IP logged into my Slice at 5:55 AM.

The post about the I/O error was at almost 2 pm, and the post before that, was around 11 pm.

Pretty sure I fell a sleep around 1 AM, after I took another dump.

That means the time was wrong, or somebody hacked my computer, and logged in that way.

There's nothing of interest in .bash_history.

There is "cat .ssh/authorized_keys", but that could be from a long time ago. There's no date in .bash_history. Running a command, doesn't make it appear in that file.

How would /home not being mounted cause the server's time to be wrong? I don't even remember looking at that email. Sucks having a shitty memory.

Apparently it rebooted at 5:55 AM, according to /var/log/messages. That might of been when I rebooted it, problem is, it was after 1 PM.

blk_update_request: I/O error,

More evidence suggesting that was when I rebooted it, somehow the time was wrong. Or that's when the block storage stopped working.

I logged into BuyVM's Slice control panel, at 1:49 PM

echo 'export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T "' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

The date for all the old stuff is today, and the time is 8:44 PM.

Those shell commands stolen from here.

The hacker didn't do anything, probably because I hacked myself while sleeping.

According to /var/log/secure, I logged in at 5:55 AM. But if you look before my login, it looks like SSH just started.

Nice dream

Somebody took a grinder to my head.

BuyVM block storage isn't reliable

404 error on everything, SSH didn't work, because the /home partition wasn't mounted. After rebooting and going into recovery, I ran fdisk -l, and it said I/O error for the block storage.

I unattached it, and reattached it, and now it works again.

Does their control panel have an API for the block storage? So if all my sites get a 404, and SSH doesn't work, I can unattach, reattach, and reboot.

Where else am I supposed to store my porn?

What happened to my metadata in Piwigo?

Apparently it's gone. Even the reuploaded pictures, don't have metadata. I edit the config to show stuff, but it still shows nothing.

Don't use the Read metadata plugin, it freezes Firefox, every time. Probably because it has a selector, that it's trying to load every single image into. Entering the ID, and clicking submit, doesn't work, because nothing will load.

One power outage fucks everything up. Thanks to my host for not using backup power of any kind. Can't backup the gallery, only 100 GB of backup space, it would use almost half of it. There's other sites, that are backed up too. And it's useless now. Maybe if I delete it, and re upload everything, it'll work.

Nope, that won't fix it, Piwigo is fucked. I even replaced all the Piwigo files. I downloaded a picture, and it has EXIF info.

Does it use ImageMagick to get EXIF info? Just recompiled it. Surprised it has ImageMagick with the old version of PHP. Changed it back to the newer version.

Downloaded another picture, it has EXIF info too.

Found the problem, piwigo_privacy is the problem, it doesn't allow EXIF info somehow. I'm to lazy to modify it, not using it, and people can access the pictures, if they guess the URL. You have to chmod the folders with pictures, so you have to use piwigo_privacy to view it.

Would be a pain to guess the URLs though.

Just looked at the code on Github, there doesn't appear to be anything, that would stop the EXIF from being there. There is one strip, but it's for small files. Change it to 1 and it might work. Setting it to 1 and then 0, didn't work.

Might be a bug with Piwigo, when was the latest version released?


It's available in my zip code. But I doubt the office will let them install a dish outside my window.

And they may throttle you after 35 GB of data usage, it's unlimited, but throttled after 35 GB. What's the throttle? If it's at least 3 Mbps, you can use 1 TB.

The performance of some games over the Internet is very poor and some games may not work at all.

Just wait for 5G internet, or SpaceX's satellites. I'll have to wait for 5G, the office won't allow dishes, somebody tried to get Dish.

My T-Mobile has 50 GB or something. Some huge amount for an always on WiFi phone. They throttle you after 50 GB. How slow is it? Cancel Comcast, and use my phone's internet.

The purpose of life

Is to die and cease to exist. Since you'll get a new consciousness when you die, and reborn.

Without your original consciousness, you don't exist anymore.

Don't reproduce, there's no point in bringing more life into the world, who will cease to exist someday too.

Don't enjoy life either, there's no point. Doesn't matter what you do, you'll cease to exist anyways.

Zenphoto will use all your RAM

And CPU. Guess doing stuff with images uses a lot of RAM. Piwigo uses CPU, but I don't think it makes every other site slow. I could switch it, but I'm lazy, that means making the theme a Piwigo theme.

Also, I don't get paid to host that site or anything.

How did all those plugins get enabled? Just disabled a bunch of them. Can the tuning be at 500M now? Nope, 503. Looks like 800M is the lowest it can be, maybe lower if you want to try 701, 702.. 700M gets a white page.

What plugin did I disable that killed it? RSS plugin, if I remove that from the theme, it'll work without it.

The PHP memory limit is 256M, so why doesn't the tuning memory of 500M work? What happens if you lower the PHP memory to 64, and decrease the tuning to 500M? Zenphoto says 96M, even though I decreased it to 64M.

What does OpenLiteSpeed's PHP tuning memory settings do? Zenphoto won't work with it set to 500M, even lowering the PHP memory to 32M.

If you don't use that many WordPress plugins, 32M might be fine. Will more traffic use more RAM? It has caching.

500M only allows 81.43 MB, I increased the PHP.ini to 128M. 1000M only allows 124.35 MB. Just like 800M.