When will Olympus release a new OM-D E-M10?

Maybe if I save my money, by the time I have $500+, there will be a new one. The latest one has some bad reviews, they say the second one is better. Don't remember why, but I don't think it matters to me.

Panasonic has some nice cameras, but I like my Olympus body. I use all lens though, don't care about the brand for lenses. Panasonic is better for video though.

Be cheap and buy a YI action camera, if you want 4k video. If you don't want to be cheap, buy a camcorder. But the PANASONIC LUMIX GX85 does 4k and pictures, and apparently the stabilization is good for the 4k video. So you'll get some nice videos while running.

The YI action camera has good reviews, but the cheap one only does 30 FPS 4k, you have to spend a little over $200 for 60 FPS 4k. Just shoot in 2.7k, that's 60 FPS. You don't need the app to get the videos, just pull the micro SD card out, and put it in a card reader. I think there's an adapter for the iPad, that does SD cards, just put the micro SD in a SD adapter.

How to make OpenLiteSpeed faster

If you only have 1 GB of RAM, on your Slice, change the tuning to 500M for PHP. It's easy to do if using CyberPanel, but a pain, because you have to do it for each domain. Oh and Zenphoto won't work with 500M, I set it to 1000M, don't know what the minimum you can set it to.

Think my Slice was running out of RAM, dmesg said it killed lsphp, for the lack of RAM.

I also increased the OpenLiteSpeed memory cache, think it's at 40M, was at 20M.

Don't store backups on BuyVM's block storage

They don't use battery backup of any kind on it, so if the power goes out, your data will be corrupt.

If I switch the / backup to restic, I think it can store the backup on SFTP, without mounting it.

No wonder the basaltic fiber or whatever it's called, was cheaper in Fallout 76

I bought fiber glass or something. The joke is on me, now I have under 100 caps. I bought it because I thought it was the stuff you need for some armor, so I could repair some more armor.

On another note, I might need to stick a sponge up my ass, do they make em on a stick? Glad I don't have anal sex, they'd be pissed if I was on the receiving end.

My counselor thinks he understands consciousness

No known human understands it. Possibly military people know. Various people you've never heard of, and never will.

That's why he thinks reincarnation doesn't happen. Explain why some people remember a previous life then. He can't, nobody can. Except for the unnamed military personnel.

Atheists were right on one thing, you cease to exist when you die. You get a new consciousness. You'll never know if God exists or not, because you'll get a new consciousness every time you die and are reborn.

Good job CyberPanel

I was trying to change the PHP version for my gallery, but it wasn't changing.

The problem was, this domain and the gallery, have the same username. Now, I need to edit the FTP config.

Need to write a script, to run a command by SSH, to check the md5 of every file, or better just output them all to a txt file, then make the script reupload the corrupt files. That's better then reuploading everything.

FTP works now. Had to edit the database.

Zenphoto doesn't work with 500M, in the tuning of the PHP in CyberPanel.

If any of the hosted sites stop working, you know why, bad tuning value.

Writing a script won't work that way, the file names and folders are different, then what's on my computer. Pretty sure the API has the md5sum stored in the DB, what I need is the current md5sum, if it's changed, then it's corrupt. You could make a script to do so.

Crucial P1 is even slower now

Looks like the kernel upgrade made it slower. Or something is running, that's causing it to be slower.

dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=1M count=10024 conv=fdatasync,notrunc status=progress
10489954304 bytes (10 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 28 s, 375 MB/s
10024+0 records in
10024+0 records out
10510925824 bytes (11 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 82.5326 s, 127 MB/s

Slower then some SATA hard drives, and slower then most SATA SSDs. It hanged for a long time, and then it finally finished.

dd if=tempfile of=/dev/null bs=1M count=10024 status=progress
9528410112 bytes (9.5 GB, 8.9 GiB) copied, 7 s, 1.4 GB/s
10024+0 records in
10024+0 records out
10510925824 bytes (11 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 7.68124 s, 1.4 GB/s

The read speed is better then a SATA SSD, but still kind of low.

Ran the write speed again, got 398 MB/s, slower then a SATA SSD still.

Did I get a defective Crucial P1?

dd if=/dev/zero of=tempfile bs=1M count=10024 conv=fdatasync,notrunc status=progress
10442768384 bytes (10 GB, 9.7 GiB) copied, 8 s, 1.3 GB/s
10024+0 records in
10024+0 records out
10510925824 bytes (11 GB, 9.8 GiB) copied, 12.8419 s, 818 MB/s

Third or fourth time is the charm.

Why bother asking a question?

If she's just going to stare at her phone, and not acknowledge that I said anything.

Well, next time she asks me a question, I'll be sure not to respond.

Oh and she's a hypocrite, complaining about somebody using their phone while driving. She does so at red lights, which isn't legal either. If you aren't parked, it isn't legal.

I might decide to sleep on Christmas, instead of getting up earlier. Then they can have a rude Christmas without me.

Had to restore this site too

One more site to restore, just in case.

If I get another block, will it be somewhere else? A different power source? So if one gets corrupted, I can restore everything from the non corrupted, or put it in a slow RAID 1.

Don't count on CyberPanel's backups, it doesn't restore the right password always, and it doesn't make FTP accounts.

CyberPanel might be the worst control panel ever, can't even select the right owner for the backup, tried changing it, but creating an FTP account is still under my account. Also, something hanged the server, SSH wasn't working, and nothing was loading, had to reboot it.

Other stuff is corrupted too, the email policy server won't start, if you try starting it directly, it says permission denied.

Is my full backup corrupt? It's on the block storage. I'll restore that soon.

Fixed the email policy server, by doing chmod +x.

The backup of the root drive is most likely corrupt, the Borg index is. To create an FTP account, as a different user, login to that user, and create the account. Whatever account you are logged into, is what it'll have for username_ftpuser.

Think only the newest pictures I uploaded were corrupt, so I added a reupload option to my script, deleted them in Piwigo, and reuploaded.

Found another corrupted image, was taken with my phone, the only other backup is Google, I delete them from my phone after uploading, didn't plan on BuyVM's power going out, and corrupting my /home.

Probably didn't need to restore this site, might of only needed to delete the .htaccess, and restore one of the backups.

Will there ever be a AfterShot Pro 4?

If there is, will it support Linux too? They bought an image maker program, called Bibble.

That might be one of the few paid programs for Linux. I could use an open source program. But AfterShot Pro might be easier. I don't use it much, or do much with it. You can probably make pictures brighter with a free program.

darktable isn't easy to use. What about RawTherapee? I just installed it.

There's a purple dot in that picture too, just noticed it in RawTherapee. Both are gone in the edited photo.

If you zoom in the edited photo, you can see a red and blue dot. Is that from the camera or somehow a reflection? There's probably a bunch of red and blue lights in here. The unused switch has a red light, the hub the Pi is using has a blue light.

Better upgrade my kernel

4.18 isn't on Kernel.org anymore, it did say EOL.

Nice, Manjaro hasn't updated the 4.19 kernel either, the version they provide is 4.19.8. Was there a 9, 10, 11? The latest is .12 on Kernel.org.

Guess nobody updates packages during the holidays, lame.

Arch Linux provides updates during the holidays, their latest in core is 4.19.11. That's newer then Manjaro. On the 14th Manjaro released an ARM build.

There might be a newer kernel in testing, apparently they test stuff longer then Arch. I'll probably just compile the latest version myself.

You can find it here. Or switch to testing, and upgrade that way.

You don't need a flash with the Yi 42.5mm lens

You might get blur though. And you have to use manual mode, if you want to set the shutter and aperture. If you don't set the shutter, then you'll get blur no matter what, at least in my living room. S mode does the aperture automatically, so no f1.8.

The lens isn't tack sharp. But good enough for $100 or so, that's how much I paid for a used one on eBay.

Haha Piwigo crashed MariaDB, sort of, had to refresh. Said it was gone.

Just don't zoom into the pictures taken with it.

Now, do I want sharp pictures, or a good focal length? You could have both, if you buy the Olympus 45mm lens.

Hopefully my small camera bag doesn't rip because of that lens. Can't bring a flash with me, unless I want to take my big ass camera backpack. Might as well get a big ass camera if I do that.

FYI, you can use an aspect ratio of 16:9 on most cameras, you just change a setting. Some guy thinks 16:9 makes a camera better. Not really, you lose resolution doing so.

I have a sharp Panasonic 25mm, but I like 42.5mm better. Would that Olympus 45mm even fit in my small camera bag? If I didn't want a reliable backup drive, I might have money left over, if I bought a cheaper external drive. Then I can shell out $250 for the Olympus 45mm.

Might have to do with a 3 or 4 TB drive. It'll mostly be a backup for my movies drive.

WesternDick is cheaper then Seagate. Are they just as unreliable? Probably, based on the war of fanboys. I'll probably buy the Seagate drive. The one I have has lasted a long time, it's not full though.

No flash, also means, you have to set a custom white balance, you just need a white piece of paper. At least in my apartment you do. Think you do at my mom's too.

That picture is way darker on my phone. Google Photos or AfterShot Pro can fix it. I backup to my Slice and Google, no restrictions on my Slice. Google is if something happens to my drives, and my Slice.

And the picture might be brighter in AfterShot Pro. Just noticed a red dot in that picture. Is that from the sensor?

Yup long exposures. Why isn't the dot visible when zooming in? In AfterShot Pro. Something to do with the RAW image, zoom into the JPG and the dot stays. Does that mean, if I export it, the dot will go away?

The answer is yes, apparently it removes it automatically, or Neat Image removed it. Needed to remove some noise. But before removing noise in the preview, there was no dot I could see.

More satisfied with the cheap lens now, so I probably won't buy the Olympus 45mm. You can increase sharpness by editing it, it just adds a bunch of dots or something, so it looks sharper.

Are they mad because I spy on my own AP?

Maybe. I should modify the Kismet source, and make it only log my MAC addresses, that's safer then scrubbing it every hour.

How does Pi-hole get the temperature of the Raspberry Pi Zero W? The sensors command doesn't work, even if you set it up. It can't find any sensors. But somehow the Pi-hole web interface, knows the temperature.

/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp

Apparently Kismet makes the Pi somewhat hot. 49.8'C for the Kismet Pi, and 40.6'C for the Pi-hole/security camera Pi.

The Kismet Pi has a heat sink on it, wonder how hot it'd be without it.

Nice big dump

Probably needed to take it since I woke up. Tried going earlier, just farted.

That'll Make America Stink Again.

Dog didn't wake me up today

So I slept until almost 1 pm.

Funny how she said "it doesn't sound like it's working", the melatonin, she either didn't listen to everything I said, or doesn't understand English, not sure which. It works if you take two after 12 am. One might work too, if you take it after 12 am.

Isn't that nice?

Some woman was convicted of killing her 10 year old son, because law enforcement didn't believe her, that somebody broke in her house.

Yes she had injuries proofing something happened.

Some guy that was on death row in Texas, confessed to killing her son, they played his confession at the second hearing, and she got a not guilty verdict. The prosecutors still tried to convict her again, even after a fucking confession from somebody on death row, for killing somebody in a similar way.

Shows you how corrupt law enforcement is in the US. Possibly in the world.

They used some bullshit science, called bloodstain analysis. Not even science, they don't have to prove it's science to use it.

You could say somebody's shit can reconstruct the crime scene, and guess what? They let you take that shit into the court room.

What's so great about restic?

Borg might be better. Unless it has no encryption, I think it does though.

I use Borg on my Slice, you can make it not use compression, so you don't use to much CPU. And I didn't feel like using restic. Does restic do compression?

I use restic + Timeshift on my desktop. Timeshift won't work for external drives, so I'll be using restic or Borg.

To many Trump supporters on LET

So I think I won't read it anymore. One Trump supporter is to many.

Unless, they don't talk about politics, then you'll never know. There's probably more Trump supporters on GBAtemp.