How did my Slice get faster?

I didn’t do anything. Maybe the block storage was slow, and they fixed it.

They did have to run fsck and stuff on it. I still should upgrade, so I can hammer one core 24/7. I’ll get throttled to 25% or whatever if I do that on the plan I’m on.

All the sites are on the block storage, the /home is on block storage. That’s where all the sites live.

Can I sell my expensive adapter on Amazon?

If there’s a listing maybe. Other people sell used stuff on there.

Not paying $40 a month to sell one thing that might sell for $70, that’s a rip off.

Adorama will send me a quote soon. If it’s $50 or more, I’ll take it.

How should I sell all my film lenses? Donate em to Goodwill or something. To much work to sell em. Some of them people probably won’t want anyways.

Rokinon RK50M-MFT-SIL 50mm

Is that sharper then the Olympus 45mm? If it isn’t, it shouldn’t cost more.

The Olympus is razor sharp, according to somebody on a forum. Apparently manual focus at 50mm f1.2 isn’t fun for snapshots.

You can get a Sigma 60mm used for $140. That should have auto focus.

I had a Sigma 30mm, should of kept it. Is 30mm enough? That’s less then 80mm in 35mm format.

That used one has small dust. Better wait until February and buy it new, or the Olympus new. Or sell my adapter for $70. Not on eBay.


Grandpa said a long time ago, when I was going to buy a Canon DSLR, that I should get a lens less then 50mm. Some of his pictures were 40mm.

Couldn’t find any lenses less then 50mm, if there are any, they probably cost a fortune.

Glad I got a micro 4/3 camera instead. Lenses might be cheaper.

Also, 50mm on micro 4/3 is 100mm in the 35mm format. The crop factor is 2x. I wouldn’t get anything less then 80mm.

I think my Panasonic is 25mm, so that’s 50mm in 35mm format. I used to use it as my primary lens, but the focal length sucks. I like 40mm+.

Actually, I don’t think he wanted to answer the question. Asking him a question is a big no no.

Banana Pi 24 core server

so unless the company is using an announced processor, it has to be SocioNext SC2A11 processor also found in Linaro Developer Box.

Shouldn’t that be unannounced? Or “unless the company isn’t using”.

How much will it cost? That should be fast enough for Kismet, maybe. Unless it only uses one core, in that case, it won’t do any good.

The Linaro comes with a NVIDIA card, good luck using the proprietary driver with it. The open source one will most likely freeze your computer.


Grandpa’s camera isn’t better then mine

Not worse either. They are about the same. His could have better video, mine only does 30 FPS at 1080p. I suppose there could be a setting to change it. Wouldn’t surprise me if it only does 30 FPS. It’s two generations behind.

If you have Canon stuff, buy a Canon mirrorless camera, if you don’t want to lug a DSLR around anymore.

I never bought a DSLR, I got a micro 4/3 camera instead.

I should of kept my E-PM2. There wasn’t really any reason to buy a OM-D E-M10.

My camera has a popup flash? If they are talking about the little hot shoe one, I don’t know where it is, or if I still have it. There’s a Fuji with the flash built into the camera, that pops up from the body. Sad if my camera has a built in flash, I could of used it.

And it only does almost 30 FPS for 1080p, no resolution does more then 30 FPS.

Nice I’m an idiot, could of used a flash at Christmas, it does indeed have a popup flash. I just tested the flash, it works fine, even with the lens at f5.6 or whatever it was.

I forgot, because I have a giant powerful flash. That I probably don’t need.

Probably won’t buy the 7artisans now, images are sharper with a flash, you can use a faster shutter speed, I put it on A mode, the camera uses a good shutter with a flash.

Might buy it anyways, to compare.

Weird tasting chocolate

No idea what flavor that filling was.

Probably shouldn’t keep eating it, if it has caffeine in it, that’ll give me the runs. Good idea, buy one of those cold coffee drinks. They don’t taste like coffee, but it’ll give me the runs. Nothing like leaving a shit trail in the snow.

Now my water doesn’t taste good.

On another note, there’s one flash in the video I took, from my grandpa’s flash for his camera. She said she saw flashes in it, I couldn’t remember.

7artisans 55mm F1.4 APS-C Manual Fixed Lens might be the best lens you can buy for micro 4/3

Unless, you want to spend $500+ on a lens.

Looking at the picture, there’s no f1.8 on the aperture ring, that means I’d have to step down to f2 or f2.8.

Review says it’s sharp, if you step it down. Haven’t seen any pictures taken with a micro 4/3 camera and that lens. Their sample pictures, you can’t zoom in. That’s the only way to know if it’s soft like my YI.

Cons – Very stiff focus, nervous bokeh, a little ghosty wide open, overall not as sharp and not as much contrast as slightly more expensive lenses.

According to this. How much is the slightly more expensive lens? That should be $20-$40 more. But preferably no more then $10 more.

Don’t shoot at F1.4 with that lens, look at her lips, soft. And the hair on the other side is out of focus.

What does very stiff focus mean? I can make something in my pants stiff. If that means it’s hard to move the focus ring, that’s fine with me, that means it won’t get out of focus easily.

It does wonders at f8 outside. That would kill my flash’s batteries. Not that I care, I have plenty of batteries. They say Rokinon is better. Not seeing a 40mm+ from Rokinon.

They do say it’s just as good if not better then vintage film lenses. Another reason I should sell my expensive adapter.

Yup, the focus ring is stiff. No biggie. That’ll keep her in focus.

Nowhere near as sharp as a $900 lens? Really? That’s pretty bad then. It costs $119, and can’t compete with a $900 lens, what a rip off.

You’ll hallucinate if you look at the spiral on the sharpness image. Somehow it’s moving.

The $900 is sharper in the center? is that even possible?

f4 to f8 is the sweet spot.

If I had $500, I could buy a Fujifilm camera. I like their name, Fuji. The 4k is useless on that, 15 FPS. Not even 30. You have to pay over a grand for good 4k. Why does Fuji have to cost more then Olympus and Panasonic?

How the fuck do you control bokeh anyways? Other then changing the aperture? Some of my pictures don’t have much bokeh, and the aperture was f1.8.

There’s a Rokinon 50mm f1.2, but it’s $300. Might as well spend $50 less on the Olympus, with auto focus. Kamlan 50mm f1.1 might be sharper wide open, costs more though.

And the Rokinon is sharper in the corners. But that’ll cost you. 7artisans is sharper then the Kamlan in the corners.

Looking at their $900 lens now. You can’t zoom in, you’d have to buy the picture. Is it illegal to buy it, and then share it with everybody for free? They have freebie images. And her face is soft with that lens too.

Well, I might not know what soft is.

Look at the JPGs, not RAW, and you’ll see the lens is probably just as good as the 7artisans. Guess I don’t need to buy it then. Probably noise or something on their faces.

That means I can buy a switch, I don’t really need. A long ethernet cable to the AP works fine.

Monitor goes to sleep now

Looks like my script running every five minutes did the trick.

I had to add -display :0 to the xset commands.

Every time I go into the kitchen to get more water, and eat candy that might give me the runs, the monitor goes to sleep.