Is the Raspberry Pi Zero fast enough to run that? Says something about modifying a file to assign a static IP, the script does. That'll probably result in an inaccessible Pi. It already gets a static IP from my router.

That'll get rid of all ads on my phone. Think ads are only blocked in Safari, not Firefox.

Firefox has image blocking. Don't think Safari does.

Going to comment out the lines it adds to dhcpcd.conf. I don't want their IP. Oops, I cancelled the installer. And it looks like it makes whatever IP it has, static. Which doesn't really matter. I will still comment it out, changing it's static IP on the router, won't work if the Pi sets a static IP itself.

I'll need to block using third party DNS, other then the upstream DNS. That way, if somebody hacks my WiFi, I'll have every DNS query they make logged. Unless, they use Tor, assuming DNS is done over Tor

Don't get a wife or girlfriend, she'll know all the porn you look at if you do so. Except, she might be looking at the porn with you.

The security camera Pi is mostly idle. Does it even use any CPU when streaming the camera to my desktop?

Just realized, that won't work, I forgot the WiFi is isolated. I'd have to punch a hole in the firewall. To do so for IPv6, that means using SSH.

You can use it as a porn filter, just use Tor to bypass.

How do you change the DNS for IPv6 on a EdgeOS router? Looks, like you don't need to. According to /etc/resolv.conf, the only DNS is the Pi.

And it should be working on my phone. Guess you don't need to add firewall rules for IPv6. Would be a pain anyways. Using some mark trick to mark all IPv6 traffic, and then drops it. Guess you could put it before that, or don't mark port 53.

A local DNS server makes your internet seem faster. Pretty sure I was using OpenDNS before, that's what I selected for the upstream. Left the static IP in dhcpcd.conf, doesn't matter, as there's no need to change it.

DNS server doesn't require much. Probably works on the first Pi.

DNS blocker is better then a web browser extension, both together is probably even better.

The blacklist doesn't work, if it's cached on your device already.

So make a porn_list.txt file, with the IP of various porn sites. Then you can bypass the porn filter, just edit /etc/hosts.

Since Backblaze uses consumer drives

I might do the same. They use enterprise and consumer drives.

It'll mostly be a backup drive, probably won't get a NAS. Just a dual bay enclosure, the hardware RAID on it won't work with Linux, but that's what software RAID is for

I could get refurbished Seagate enterprise for less then HGST refurbished. Not from the only seller I'd buy refurbished drives from though.

And those Seagate aren't SATA, therefore won't work, unless I find an enclosure that takes SAS, to lazy to do so.

Haha they bought a Seagate external drive, and said they switched to WD and never looked back. Buying just one brand, will ruin your chance of data survival.

Good idea, buy a cheap Seagate, and run badblocks on it, might take several days to complete though, that is an already external one.

Do people buy Seagate just to leave a convincing bad review? Lots of people found the bad reviews helpful, more like WD fanboys going out of their way to promote their theory. At least Seagate will replace a drive you damaged, or they use to. WD might not even respond if you try getting it replaced.

Bad review because they had to pay to ship a dead drive to Seagate. Might of been free in the past. Oh and you get a refurbished drive. Motorola does that too, you get a refurbished phone. If I remember correctly.

That's better then getting no warranty service. Apparently WD and Seagate fanboys are at war with each other

Funny the system requirements in a review, says Windows or macOS is needed. What's stopping me from using it in Linux? Does it have a special driver?

You are supposed to have two backups. Must be lucky, cause I only have one backup drive. And I don't check the backups either.

The problem is, people think hard drives are supposed to last forever.

You can avoid the Seagate and WD fanboys, buy a Fantom Drives drive. Or a Toshiba, and pop her in an enclosure.

Why would I get up early?

Maybe to take the dog outside. That's a good idea, sleep, wake up take dog outside, sleep some more, and repeat.

How much weight would I lose from the lack of eating? I'll probably just sleepwalk and eat while sleeping.

No dog ever?

Her dog isn't coming back? She was crying on the way in the building, and in the elevator. About her dog being gone.

Tonka has stayed the night at my mom's, the last time, it was to hot in my apartment for her. It might still be to hot for her, it's 70F in here. She has a fan in my bedroom now though.

What's the point in Christmas?

You shouldn't need to give people presents and/or money to tell them you care about them. Apparently that's the case with humans. Money was invented because of greed. Or maybe money invented greed.

Since I'm greedy, I'll take free money and possibly stuff. Assuming I go, I might be sleeping instead. I can still buy another hard drive, next year sometime.

Worst article ever

Was trying to see what the most reliable external hard drive is. Probably a drive on Backblaze's list and put it in an enclosure.

Worst site, because they don't list that many external drives, and recommend a WD with lots of bad reviews, like failing. Apparently the My Book WDs suck.

The failure rates of all of the larger drives (8, 10, and 12 TB) are very good: 1.21% AFR (Annualized Failure Rate) or less. In particular, the Seagate 10TB drives, which have been in operation for over 1 year now, are performing very nicely with a failure rate of 0.48%.

I'm hesitant to buy a bigger drive, because if it dies, you lose a lot of data, if you want to back it up, it'll cost a lot of money. Might be fine for a backup though.

Can't copy the model from the chart. And 0 Toshiba drives failed, but they only had 146 of them. Don't think they use enterprise drives, something I read said they don't. That's good news for my wallet. Nope, they use both.

That Toshiba drive has four failures, the downloaded chart is different.

The download chart might be broken, 67 drives, but over 90 failures. How did they do that?

What the hell is drive days? Cause they haven't existed that long. In fact, hard drives haven't existed that long.

They've been using HUH721212ALN604 for over 17 years.

The article doesn't say what Drive Days is. This says. Not very useful, if there's 30,000+ in the snapshot file, that's how many drive days. Doesn't explain what I see, 79 drives = 6,320 drive days. If you divide that, it's 79*80. Where did they get 80 from? They just round 79 up and multiple it by itself?

No they don't. If you download docs_Q3_2018.zip, it'll tell you how it's calculated. To bad they don't put it on their site. You need to read a PDF to find out.


What did I do?

Some people that use to say hi, don't anymore.

I should shave my beard off

It might take a year or longer to grow an Honest Abe beard.

Maybe if I get some testosterone shots, it'll grow faster.

Don't use while True in Python

Even when you click ctrl c, it keeps running the loop. It cancels the ffmpeg process, but not the script itself. So it restarts. Need to test it longer, to see if runner == 1 really works.

Yup it works. Need a brighter IR light. You can't see me at the door. Nothing in the bathroom or kitchen to steal though. But if they bust open the door, and say shit he's got a camera, close the door and leave, you won't know who did so.

Except, there is a camera in the hallway, so the office might be able to find out. If they live here, they might get a nice evicted notice.

You can make a Linux software RAID 1 with a missing drive

You make the RAID 1 on the new drive, then you copy the data to the RAID. Then you add the original drive to the RAID.

No need to copy it somewhere else before making the RAID. Most two bay enclosures, will wipe all data if you change it to RAID.

What happens, if you do that with the first drive you get? And you don't add the missing drive until a month later.

No idea what drive I will buy though, Toshiba might not honor the warranty, so a two year warranty might be useless. Think that was an internal Toshiba, the review claimed the plastic where the SATA cable goes broke off. They could be lying, and actually broke it.

I did have a Seagate SSD that broke when unplugging it or something. I never got the data off that drive.

Seagate says "entry-level direct-attached storage devices (DAS)" on a non NAS drive. Does a cheap dual bay enclosure count as entry level? Or does the software RAID I plan on doing, kill the entry level

Can you put WD Blue drives in a RAID 1? I'm sure you can, but is it worth it?

You might get an OEM drive on Amazon. Both Seagate and WD. What about Toshiba? One of the Seagate drives, is apparently being pulled from cheap external drives. I can buy a cheap external drive, if that's what I wanted.

Where can you buy non OEM hard drives? Well, found the Toshiba NAS drives. Couldn't find them before for some reason. Might of been looking for 3 TB. The smallest is 4 TB.

Oh yeah, HGST is owned by WD. The only option, if you want a warranty, is Seagate. I remember filling out their form, and getting a drive, I probably killed, replaced. But that was a long time ago. Maybe nobody offers warranties anymore. In that case, buy from my refurbished seller, the reviews are positive, because they replace the drive if there's a problem. Just encrypt the drive, so they can't recover your data.

Will this work in a ps4 pro with nyko data bank - playstation 4?
no it will not. hdd will need to be formatted specifucally for ps4 which is done via special software

Any 3.5" drive will, the person that answered doesn't know anything. I put a 3.5" WD drive in it, pretty sure the PS4 formatted it. But does the Nyko even work with the Pro?

The problem with the refurbished drives, you kind of need two, if you plan on storing backups on it. That's over $200. You are gambling that both drives won't die at the same time.

Cons:The hard drive has faulty and the device wasn’t recognized by windows or any other OS and. The device still on warranty and seagate refused to provide any support. The warranty is useless so don’t waste your money for someone who didn’t cover his product
Western Digital is better in every thing and this is my fault to try seagate for once

Not verified as buying it, for the fact that they mention WD, I'd buy that drive gladly.

Another WD lover on Amazon. But the drives might be pulled from an external drive. More like Seagate is doing it, and claiming that so they don't have to honor the warranty. That leaves only one choice, refurbished. WD won't respond most likely, so the warranty is useless there as well.

Is Toshiba's warranty really useless?

I'll probably buy the Toshiba external drive, if it dies under warranty, and they won't replace it, I'll sue em in invisible court.

Does Fantom Drives honor their one year warranty? If so, just buy that, you are good for a year. They have an 8 TB for not much more.

Do they make a model of my HGST/Hitachi drives in 6 TB? If so, buy that refurbished, no issues with mine.

I wonder what dictates 3 TB in the model number. I'll just compare it to my seller's 6 TB drives. Damn it, they don't have a 6 TB one with a similar model. Mine is HUA and they only have HU.

What drives are in their HornetTek enclosures? It's advertised for the PS4. Pull the drive and put it in my PS4

You can get some white label WD Red drives for $115.

I'll take a chance on the HGST for $130, refurbished. It only has to last a month, until I buy another one. If it dies before a month, hopefully my main backup drive, and my movies drive don't die too.

How are you supposed to play Fallout 76?

Quit, because I just got disconnected from the server. No point in reconnecting, it'll probably disconnect me again. Worst $65 game ever, clearly Bethesda doesn't know how to make games.

qt5-base was updated in Arch Linux on December 10th

That's 9 days ago, and Manjaro still hasn't bothered providing an update. I could probably install the Arch package, but it would break a lot of stuff. Everything installed that relies on it, most likely would need to be recompiled, so I'd have to download a shit load of packages from Arch Linux.

If they ever provide an update, I'll need to recompile FreeCAD after updating two AUR packages.

Fixed sleepmode in case of fuse mismatch

Sleep/standby mode would break when your emuNAND was on a different firmware version than your actual system NAND. This has been resolved now. So from now on you can run the latest and greatest firmware in emuNAND while at the same time keeping a lower firmware on your original system's NAND. Nifty!

My emuNAND is higher then my system, and it works just fine. I'm not running SX OS 2.5 Beta, still 2.4, not even 2.4.1. To lazy to update it.

Maybe that bug only happens if you use your Switch.

I thought that bug only applied if you downgraded the sysNAND. What's the point in downgrading the system NAND? You can't boot without CFW if you do that.

I just woke my Switch up, so that bug is a lie.


She clearly doesn't listen to anything I say

She said I'm growing a "small" beard, like it was news. Not sure I'd consider it small once it's done growing.

I said sometime ago, I was going to grow an Honest Abe beard, she clearly wasn't paying any attention when I said that.

And it's been growing for sometime. Odd that she only noticed it yesterday.

BuyVM is a hobby?

They have a lot of money to be just a "hobby". I doubt their block storage was cheap.

They might be a profitable hobby. I still like to consider them a real business, not a hobby. There's more then one person working for them. What's the difference between a business and a profitable hobby?

Did Manjaro stop providing updates?

Maybe. I can't update some AUR packages, because one of them can't find something, most likely it relies on something that Manjaro hasn't bothered updating yet. The other package needs that package to be updated first.

Is there any easy way to switch to Arch Linux? Without reinstalling?

Neighbor spoofing is obvious

They don't call from the same number, it just always starts like your number.

If it was a real call, the number wouldn't be changed every time.

There are some numbers when people call it isn't the same, like some doctor office, but the number might not start like your number. They'd leave a message, neighbor spoofers don't leave messages. Only blank ones.