PANASONIC LUMIX GX9 says the video isn't as good as other Panasonic cameras. That's their opinion though.

Better then my camera, it only does 1080p almost 30 FPS. That camera does 4k, don't know how many FPS.

I'll need something to buy in 180 days, think that's how much time they have to dispute it, my eBay listings.

I might decide to delete my eBay and PayPal account before then. Jokes on the scammer(s) if I do that. Jokes on me, when I get a letter from PayPal. Do they even let you close your account if somebody sent you money that is still eligible to dispute it?

Olympus is taking to long to release a new OM-D E-M10. But the latest one does do 4k, so that would be better, and cheaper.

You can't use it for selfies? Bullshit, that's what tripods are for. Does it have a WiFi app like my Olympus? That makes it even easier with a tripod. Wait, that might be called a portrait, not a selfie.

It has WiFi, so you might be able to easily take nude photos of yourself. There's an app for iOS, probably Android too.

The Olympus does HD 120 FPS. Is that 720p or 1080p? Either way, the Panasonic does no video at 120 FPS.