Seagate Backup Plus Hub 4TB External Desktop Hard Drive

Over 70% done running badblocks, and zero errors so far.

Looks like I was right, WD and Seagate fanboys are at war with each other. They buy the other brand, and then post a bad review. Or a lot of people have bad luck. Probably most people that have no issue, don't post a review.

It came with some Adobe thing, don't know what CC is. Consumer cock?

Probably doesn't work in Linux, so it's useless to me. I don't do photo editing in Windows, that's for games only. And the software for my Logitech remote. There's plenty of photo editing programs for Linux, no need to use a Windows and Mac only program.

Over six hours, and it's not done yet, maybe it'll be done in a couple more hours.

On the back of the box, it says you can charge your devices with the USB ports. So all they do is charge? I could plug my USB powered fan in it. If it can charge a phone, it should have no problem powering a fan.

Well, now I know why it takes so long. That was only the first operation. Now it says "Reading and comparing". It should be done in another 7+ hours. So when I wake up. Almost took 8 hours to write. Probably take just as long to read.

The drive doesn't support SMART, just like my old Seagate external drive. At least not with smartctl.

Warranty Valid Until February 28 2021

According to Seagate's site. Got the serial with "lsblk --nodeps -no serial /dev/xxx".

Might take almost 6 hours. But seeing as my math didn't work out the first time, probably at least 7 hours.