The YI 42.5mm can't be beat, if you use a flash

And you paid $100 or so for it used. Not sure it's the best lens for $200 now, the Sigma 60mm for $209 might be better, it's sharp everywhere. According to one review, possibly more reviews.

The YI might be worth $150 max. When they lower the price of it, they'll sell a bunch.

But f1.8 is useless, a flash works way better. Therefore, if I was buying new, I'd buy a Sigma.

I might buy the Sigma anyways. Good thing my tray fits in my toaster oven now, I need all my money for a lens. I'll only buy it this month if I sell my adapter, and possibly old video card. Got to leave as much money as possible in the bank.

I should of kept my Sigma 30mm. The problem was the old expensive not very good flash I was using. Or camera settings, or both.

Not sure if I used the Sigma 30mm on my E-M10. Probably did on the E-PM2 and 1.