Think I’ll buy the Crucial P1 500 GB

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/nvme0n1p1  218G  199G  7.4G  97% /

To lazy to delete files. I’ll use Timeshift to make a snapshot, and restore it. Not spending $50 on a USB NVMe enclosure, that’ll only be used once. Except, I might need that, if it supports secure erase. Only one NVMe slot on my motherboard.

I should switch to Timeshift for my backups, instead of Restic. Can’t, doesn’t support NTFS drives. That’s what the backup drive is, and I’m to lazy to copy all data, format, and copy it back. Don’t think I have any drive that has enough free space anyways.

Not sure I really want to take the video card out. I’ll have to lay the computer down, which means moving the router, modem, and switch. Good luck screwing the NVMe SSD in with the case standing up. The slot isn’t vertical.

Good price, and I like Crucial.

The Crucial might be faster then my budget Intel, it was budget at the time. The Crucial costs less then what I paid for the Intel.

If I do get a NAS, I can copy all the backup drive data to it, then format it as ext4. That’s one thing that’ll be on the NAS, is backups. It can’t be the only backup, you need multiple backups. It can be the only backup for some stuff.