WiFi crackers don’t give up

They kept disconnecting my phone again this morning. Either doing a KRACK attack, which I’m pretty sure the latest iOS is patched against, or trying to hijack my phone’s session.

Got a bigger problem, an Amazon IP logged into my AP controller. Not sure if that was UBNT or somebody else. Will probably disable the cloud access.

No idea how they got the one time password, and the random password, to login.

Nice, now the AP doesn’t show the login events.

Looks like it’s the cloud thing, apparently it showed the UBNT’s IP from Amazon, instead of whatever IP really connected.

server.log mentions webrtc, which is what the cloud uses. Yup, it’s the cloud, computer was connecting to that IP. I bet if I block it in the firewall, the cloud won’t work anymore.

And my phone just disconnected from WiFi. Maybe it doesn’t like 5 GHz. I just saw it do it.

Somebody on the UniFi forum, said to not use DFS. That doesn’t work with iOS? Might just be the 7, don’t remember any problems with the SE.

Changing the channel and DTIM didn’t fix it. It just disconnected again.

Might be an iOS problem. Power saving crap, that you can’t change.