You don't need a flash with the Yi 42.5mm lens

You might get blur though. And you have to use manual mode, if you want to set the shutter and aperture. If you don't set the shutter, then you'll get blur no matter what, at least in my living room. S mode does the aperture automatically, so no f1.8.

The lens isn't tack sharp. But good enough for $100 or so, that's how much I paid for a used one on eBay.

Haha Piwigo crashed MariaDB, sort of, had to refresh. Said it was gone.

Just don't zoom into the pictures taken with it.

Now, do I want sharp pictures, or a good focal length? You could have both, if you buy the Olympus 45mm lens.

Hopefully my small camera bag doesn't rip because of that lens. Can't bring a flash with me, unless I want to take my big ass camera backpack. Might as well get a big ass camera if I do that.

FYI, you can use an aspect ratio of 16:9 on most cameras, you just change a setting. Some guy thinks 16:9 makes a camera better. Not really, you lose resolution doing so.

I have a sharp Panasonic 25mm, but I like 42.5mm better. Would that Olympus 45mm even fit in my small camera bag? If I didn't want a reliable backup drive, I might have money left over, if I bought a cheaper external drive. Then I can shell out $250 for the Olympus 45mm.

Might have to do with a 3 or 4 TB drive. It'll mostly be a backup for my movies drive.

WesternDick is cheaper then Seagate. Are they just as unreliable? Probably, based on the war of fanboys. I'll probably buy the Seagate drive. The one I have has lasted a long time, it's not full though.

No flash, also means, you have to set a custom white balance, you just need a white piece of paper. At least in my apartment you do. Think you do at my mom's too.

That picture is way darker on my phone. Google Photos or AfterShot Pro can fix it. I backup to my Slice and Google, no restrictions on my Slice. Google is if something happens to my drives, and my Slice.

And the picture might be brighter in AfterShot Pro. Just noticed a red dot in that picture. Is that from the sensor?

Yup long exposures. Why isn't the dot visible when zooming in? In AfterShot Pro. Something to do with the RAW image, zoom into the JPG and the dot stays. Does that mean, if I export it, the dot will go away?

The answer is yes, apparently it removes it automatically, or Neat Image removed it. Needed to remove some noise. But before removing noise in the preview, there was no dot I could see.

More satisfied with the cheap lens now, so I probably won't buy the Olympus 45mm. You can increase sharpness by editing it, it just adds a bunch of dots or something, so it looks sharper.