Another refurbished camera

Got a Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. They shipped it Monday, I didn’t pay extra for faster shipping. And I got it today.

Does it work? I didn’t put an old battery in it yet.

It cost a little over $300 after tax, I got $10 off, I had credit for buying a camera three years ago.

I was looking at the page for it, and it looks like I can use the view finder and tap to focus on the screen at the same time. The first one, you have to remove your eye from the view finder, tap to focus, and look through it again.

There’s a runny dump

Might of ate to much dinner, haven’t eaten vegetables for five days.

Sleepy now too.

On another note, posting your thoughts on the internet might be a bad idea, then people will judge you based on your thoughts. Deleting my blogs would be useless, it’s already archived.

You can’t lose 3 pounds in a week?

It’s easy, eat less. You might need to weigh over 270 pounds though.

Now, if I keep eating less, and keep losing three pounds a week, it won’t take to long to get down to 200 pounds, then less then 200 pounds, then less then a hundred pounds, then dead for not weighing anything.

How is Debian the most powerful Linux OS?

I don’t consider any Linux distro more powerful then a different one.

Somebody on the CyberPanel forum was asking about Debian support. It does support Ubuntu, which is based on Debian. Didn’t support Ubuntu when I started using it.

For a server CentOS is fine. If I wasn’t lazy, I’d use Arch Linux. Arch Linux and Arch Linux based distros are my preferred OS. I did like Froxlor, but that’s to much work. Installing CyberPanel is easy. You have to manually configure a bunch of stuff with Froxlor. I do have a backup of one of my old Slices, that was using Froxlor.

Damn, no AUR package for Froxlor.

I wouldn’t sell hosting with CyberPanel, it doesn’t appear to renew SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Maybe if I waited long enough it would. I just issued a new SSL certificate for everything.

Blocking brute forcing bots will make your site fast

Good thing I disabled Jetpack’s login protection. Fail2ban is more effective, it blocks them from the entire server, so they can’t continue hammering WordPress, even though it’ll block em. Who knows what all has to load before it blocks the brute forcing bot.

I should ban all data center IPs. That’ll make it fast too, probably.

89 WordPress brute forcing bots currently blocked.

How is Panasonic’s touch interface better then Olympus’s?

I have no issues tapping the screen to focus. I don’t use the touchscreen for anything else, that’s why it has buttons.

Does the Olympus touch interface do anything else? I wouldn’t know, I only use it for focusing. Maybe that’s why Panasonic’s is better, it does more.

Not better if you only use it to focus, they are the same. Buttons aren’t hard to use.

On another note, there’s a Canon fanboy or fangal, in the micro four thirds forum. Saying how Canon is so great with their no blackout EVF. Don’t know what blackout is, never noticed it. I know they are a Canon fanboy or fangal, because they only have Canon gear, no micro four thirds gear. They should stick to the Canon forum.

I don’t know anyone in Columbus, Ohio

Somebody called at 8 am from Columbus, Ohio. My phone is on silent, so it didn’t wake me up.

Probably a spoofed number, if you look it up on Whitepages, it’s a Sprint number, and their first name starts with a K. That info could be outdated though.

I lost weight, just like I thought

About 3 pounds. Weigh yourself before and after your shower. The shower made me lose another 0.7 pounds.

Eating crappy dinner will do the trick, you probably won’t eat as much. I might eat cereal for lunch too, it tastes better then nachos.