A telescope with a camera kit would cost about $400

Don't ask me how to put the telescope together, or attach the camera to it.

But that would allow me to zoom in really far. You might need a better tripod then I have too.

Anyone know how to assemble a telescope?

Huppin's has one for $150. Maybe my mom will buy it for me, probably not, seeing as the dog is sick. She took her to the emergency vet last night. That's expensive. They have one for $100, but it's a refractor type or something. The $90 kit, you'd need to purchase something else, to get it in focus. The cheap ones at Huppin's don't require tools to set it up.

I think I'd rather have the $300 telescope. Probably have to use tools to assemble it though. But you might not need to replace anything to use it with the camera kit.