Another refurbished camera

Got a Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. They shipped it Monday, I didn't pay extra for faster shipping. And I got it today.

Does it work? I didn't put an old battery in it yet.

It cost a little over $300 after tax, I got $10 off, I had credit for buying a camera three years ago.

I was looking at the page for it, and it looks like I can use the view finder and tap to focus on the screen at the same time. The first one, you have to remove your eye from the view finder, tap to focus, and look through it again.

Well, it turns on. Forgot how to change what the settings looks like when you click OK in the live view, where you change ISO and stuff. I like the one where you scroll down to different settings, the default is probably for touching.

Nothing on Google says how to change the SCP view. It looks different on my other camera, and I have no idea how to make the new one look the same.

Can't use the camera until I change it. Should probably pack it up and send it back. Since the internet is useless.

And it's fixed, it's Live Control, not SCP. Not sure why you'd want the SCP. The Live Control is better. Doesn't show all settings in a popup, you have to scroll down to change various settings. I prefer scrolling, then having a mess of icons.

The strap isn't as long as the other one. Apparently they want you to have the camera closer to you. Did I attach it right? Probably not, future post will say the camera fell and shattered.

The pictures are brighter, at ISO 800, f5.6 and even f6.3. With a flash, don't use in TTL mode, the flash will kill the picture.

So I guess it was indeed an update, only bought because the mode dial broke off the other one.

I wouldn't use a third party battery, the old battery got hot. The new one is done charging. But if the battery gets warm at all, then a third party battery will swell. They are lower quality batteries, that the manufacture didn't want.

The sharpness on the YI lens is only in a certain area, then it's not sharp anymore. I can get Tonka's head in focus, but not her body too. Might be the distance.

The new Sigma lenses cost to much, more then my camera.

Look at the bottom of the box. It's user error, look at the other box not fully in the frame, and look at the bottom, it's sharp. Stupid lens, camera, or me.

Is there a newer firmware for my camera? Might be to risky to upgrade it, think I read somebody broke their camera doing so.

Nice, they upgraded it for me.

How is the Mark II brighter? I thought it was basically the same camera? And they say a new camera won't get you better pictures. It'll get you brighter pictures. I can probably lower the ISO to 400 or less. Then TTL flash mode might work. The sensor I assumed was the same. Obviously updated software, that supports focus bracketing, that I may or may not use.