Apparently computer needed to be rebooted

It’s faster now. All I did was disable XHCI hand off. Something I read said to disable that.

Remote still doesn’t auto attach to Windows VM. Do other devices work? Maybe. If I manually add it, it works.

It does work plugged into my USB 3.0 hub, must not of liked the old one.

Going to update my bios, to see if it breaks the main video card, so Windows won’t have one anymore. Still wondering why the changelog is exactly the same. Even the included txt file says the same. What version am I running anyways? Don’t see the previous version in my download folder. Not the version before that either. Yup, it most likely has the previous version, it’s on the flash drive I just plugged in. Apparently one of the ports on my hub isn’t working. At least not with that flash drive. It’s kind of loose or something. Thought Amazon was a good brand.

Now it works in the loose port.

And all it broke was Manjaro, had to chroot and reinstall Grub. Probably needed to re add itself to the bios. As afterwards, it tried booting Windows. I disabled Windows in the boot menu. Only Manjaro is enabled. Using Windows on bare metal, means no activated Windows.

It might of made my computer faster. Nice update.

Why was one of the CPU cores under 3000 MHz? Cool and quiet should be disabled. All of them are over 3000 MHz now.

It appears to post faster too. Guess the bios update fixed all the stuff it was supposed to do in the last version.

Writing to my Crucial P1 isn’t any faster, assuming it was around 800 MB/s before. But it could of had a compatibility problem. You’d have to run some other measurement, and before the bios update. Doesn’t hang like before, the progress shows something for longer, before it hangs for not very long.