Around six minutes almost 7 minutes of hand washing will dry your hands out

But 20 minutes won’t. I remember saying 20 minutes, you’d lose the skin on your hand, and she said you won’t. Then she says “whatever you say”.

Yup, I remember everything she says. I should of recorded that, and played it the day I said to somebody to count to 20 20 times. That’s 400 seconds.

The other possibility is she wasn’t listening to me, so didn’t hear the minutes part. Not sure why she continue talking to me and seeing me, she clearly doesn’t like me.

If it’s somebody else’s hands, she cares. I should wash my hands for 20 minutes and send her a picture. She said it wouldn’t cause any damage.

And she can’t figure out why people get mad at her. She gets mad at me all the time. Almost anything I say will piss her off.