Based on the look on her face

She either really doesn't like me, or thinks I don't like her.

Either way, I won't bother saying anything to her. I might hide from her though.

I have no idea why she acted like she liked me a long time ago, she doesn't even know me. No sane person would like me. Most insane people wouldn't like me either.

I need to move.

The reason I won't say anything to her, is she'll say "Don't fucking talk to me". Or something like that.

Just think if she became friends with me, she really wouldn't like me then.

She was walking past me, and was staying far to the left. That's all the proof I need that she really dislikes me.

Where did the depression come from? Oh right, probably because I made her hate me. But why should I care? Hating me is a good thing. Then nobody will talk to me. Or look at me.

I was right though, she is avoiding me.

I learned my lesson, maybe. Next time a woman tries talking to me, I'll just ignore them.

I did run away from somebody before her. I didn't recognize her. I wonder what happened to her anyways. At least she doesn't live in this building.