BuyVM has bad luck

Their UPS doesn’t work right, somebody drove into a power box, knocking out their DC’s power. The storage cluster has two feeds going to it.

They are replacing the UPS next week. I’d personally replace it with a different brand. I’m guessing they did something, to try and make it work right.

Who all makes server grade UPSes? I have a Tripp-Lite UPS, the CyberPanel I bought was broken, tried fixing it by replacing the battery, didn’t work. Couldn’t reconnect the battery, so it’s sitting on a shelf dead. I won’t buy any CyberPanel UPSes, they want you to buy a new UPS, instead of replacing the battery. My two old UPSes are easy to replace the battery in. Think I put the battery I bought in my network UPS.

The only other brand I might buy is APC.

They sent me a picture of the down power box. Well a link to it. Probably a drunk driver, or running from the cops.

I’ll keep BuyVM, their prices are good. Also, they aren’t huge, so the staff all knows what’s going on. A big company, and they’d just tell you it’s up, not even knowing it was ever down. That might not be the case with all big companies, but probably a lot of em.

There is only one other host I know of with cheap block storage, but I don’t think English is their first language. That means if there’s a problem, they might not understand you, or you might not understand them. The reason I have zero services with them. Also, I’m to lazy to switch my hosting, I use to do that every month.

I don’t think BuyVM will offer dedicated servers anytime soon. They have dedicated core(s) Slices.

They could add AMD servers to the mix, let people choose Intel or AMD. I’d transfer mine to AMD. I think most of their customers want a specific speed Intel CPU. So that probably won’t happen anytime soon either.

What about super cheap dedicated Slices using ARM? I’d probably move my serve to that too, because I’m a cheapskate, and I don’t care about speed. That’s why I have no dedicated core, only 50% of a core. I throttle myself, so they don’t have to throttle me. And also, because it kills everything else on the server. If Piwigo is resizing images, nothing will load till it’s done.