F is for Family

That cartoon is on Netflix. Kind of inappropriate though.

Their neighbor shoots up his house when he finds out his neighbor’s son had sex with his girlfriend. She thought he was just “short”. And the guy that shot up his house is on drugs, he’s always snorting something.

It’s based in the 70s.

They also go on a bus to a cabin with a pastor or something, and the two counselors, the guy is gay, but he has a wife. He said to her “Just divorce me honey” after saying he likes dicks.

The Frank guy is apparently an asshole. He’s in competition with his wife. He should of said he likes dicks, she might divorce him.

You’ll know he’s gay before he says he likes dicks, he’s at a clothes store, in the number 3 changing room, and some other guy goes in there, and you can hear them having sex. His wife didn’t even notice, they go there to look at “sweatpants” quite frequently.