Four more batteries to charge

They were in my Wii Motes. Two of them were completely dead. Had to jump start em. Looks like the voltage only goes past .50, if you hold it there longer. One only went to .06, and I think the other was .22 when I put em in the charger.

My charger doesn’t require a lot of voltage from the battery. My La Crosse could need .50, something I read said they do. I don’t use that, because if you pick it up, it resets. I only use it non plugged in for jump starting batteries.

They still sell it. I wonder if none of them can be picked up. Must of been fine for a while, then something happened to it.

Doesn’t charge C batteries, so it’s useless.

If I buy another charger, it’ll probably be the exactly same Opus, then I can charge all four C batteries at a time, it comes with C adapters. The engineer reviewed the Opus I have, that’s why I bought it most likely. They review lots of battery related stuff.

I wonder if my AA batteries work in my light, with my C adapters. They might, didn’t in the broken light I had, couldn’t close it using the adapters. Bought the C batteries most likely to see if they would work in the other light, don’t think they did.