Your site is responding intermittently, or extremely slowly. This can indicate an overloaded, under-powered, or misconfigured server. Your site is probably loading for some users, but not for everyone.

From an email on the 9th.

You know why? Because of Jetpack. It enables a bunch of crap you don’t need. Jetpack emailed me that, maybe I should turn off it’s monitor too.

Posting is still somewhat sluggish. Removing Jetpack would solve it, but then no free image CDN, or stats. I’m to lazy to install some other stats.

Don’t really need stats, just like I suspected, all bots. So the stats shows under 10. Guess bots don’t understand JavaScript.

BunnyCDN might be fixed, just enabled it. If the CSS fails to load, then it’s broken again. I shift refreshed my other site that’s using it, before enabling it on this site. Their image caching is broken though, the reason I still need Jetpack.

See this, and you’ll see why BunnyCDN’s image serving doesn’t work. Works fine if you go to it on this site, and on Jetpack’s CDN. Bottom of the image is missing. Purging the cache doesn’t fix anything.

I did restore this site after the power outage corrupted my /home. There’s still corruption on my gallery, I’m to lazy to reupload everything.