Good, cable companies are scared of 5G

I’ll pay $70 a month for internet, if it has no 1 TB data limit, change that to 100 TB, and that might be enough.

But I won’t pay Comcast money as soon as I can get 5G internet, preferably from T-Mobile. They claim nationwide 5G in 2020.

Doesn’t matter if games don’t work on it, I don’t play games anymore, only head games. Doesn’t matter if it’s congested, it’s still better then giving Comcast any money directly.

They still might get money, because T-Mobile needs to connect to the backbone. Otherwise, their internet would be kind of useless. Usually they connect to multiple backbones, or at least BuyVM does. They aren’t an ISP though, just a Slice provider. And shared hosting provider.

If T-Mobile only connects by Comcast, expect your internet to blow, Comcast will just throttle, or randomly drop traffic. It’s not illegal, there’s zero regulation on ISPs. They might get sued, but the FCC will defend em. Saying it’s in their right to kill off the competition.

Verizon’s fake 5G has no data limit. Not real 5G, as it doesn’t comply with the standards.