That might be a cheaper solution then HDHomeRun Premium TV. Possibly better quality too.

Don't think Channels works with anything other then HDHomeRun though.

Removed is $15 a month. Does it have the History channel? That's the only channel I care about.

I could share it with my mom, 5 devices, and 3 IPs. Share it with my grandparents. Except, Emby might be in beta for Apple TV.

Haha, some ISPs might block IPTV. Is it legal? If so, I'll take Comcast to court.

Most likely illegal, at least that one. $15 a month might be to little.

There's another one for $19 for the first three months, then $29, and only 24 channels. That might be legal.

It's for people abroad and military. So I probably can't signup with a US address.

Somehow it has Discovery, but no History.

If you want legal, don't use IPTV. You can get Usenet for cheap. If you get a block account.

I'll keep my shitty quality HDHomeRun service. It's legal, so I can't get sued. Unless they lied, and it's illegal. Didn't advertise it as illegal, so I'll sue em if it is.