Manjaro custom Deepin ISO with GParted

And iommu=soft for Grub, you have to modify the ISO, extract it, then edit the kernels.cfg, then use the command buildiso uses to remake the ISO.

Last time I tried booting the ISO, it got some kernel error, using iommu=soft allows it to boot. No idea why the installed system boots, using a newer kernel didn’t solve it, still needed iommu=soft.

Oh yeah, and telling it not to include the nonfree drivers, doesn’t work. Or maybe it does work, it just installs mhwd-nvidia and other nonfree drivers. I’d have to boot it to see if nonfree is an option. Computer will be recording for a while.

So the ISO might not work, it’s on a flash drive, but I waited to long to test it.

It should have kernel 4.20. Not the latest 4.20, Manjaro is slow at providing updates. Funny, it’s up to 4.20.2 now. Manjaro is still stuck at 4.20.0.

Here’s how to remake the ISO after extracting it.


It sort of works, boots, but you have to ln -s the label to the label it’s looking for, the disk label. Just looked at the command I used, it has the old version in it. Deleted the file, I may or may not upload after remaking it.

No need to use buildiso, just extract it, and remake the ISO with the right volid.

Fixed the ISO, probably won’t upload it anytime soon, it uses around a gig of data every time. Oops, I deleted the old ISO. Now both are gone.