Might just use my camera in manual mode

Sucks you can't assign the mode dial to something else.

Just set the shutter to 160 or more, and the flash to TTL, and remove the UV filter, it kills the contrast, at least on the dog.

If you aren't lazy, you can edit all your pictures.

You can buy a OM-D E-M10 with a cracked screen for $125 or so, think it was $125. It's cracked in the bottom corners.

Nobody seems to sell the mode dial for the OM-D E-M10, I'd have to request it from Olympus. If any part on the camera is busted, then it won't fix it.

On another note, early this morning or yesterday, I found more corrupt pictures on my gallery. Also found a public_html folder in the public_html folder. No idea why. Looks like Piwigo is in it, just not all of it. Just deleted it. The non corrupt images could of existed in there.

If you point the flash up, you'll need manual mode on the flash. To increase the power.