Might of killed my UniFi AP

Says disconnected in the controller. I did try updating the firmware.

Phone is still connected though. Did it forget to reboot?

Can’t ping it either.

It finally came back, and updating failed.

There’s a newer version on their forum. To bad the controller can’t find that version. Going to upgrade using SSH.

The AP might have issues connecting to their server to download, it’s only around 7 MB, so the 6 Mbps speed limit shouldn’t matter.

That’s the problem, DNS doesn’t work. Oh, I know why, the DNS is on the Pi, it must not be allowed through the firewall.

There we go, DNS works now.

If the updating couldn’t download it, why did it disconnect from the controller? And why did the encryption change to Open, and before that WEP? Because somebody is trying to get me to connect to their spoofed AP.

Looks like when updating, it changes the encryption.